Tutoring Program 


Developmental Services

offered through Mi Families, LLC (“my families”)

Mi Mission: Reaching out with FUNctional FAMily resources,

through recreational and educational adventures.

Contact information: Christi Morgan / Christi@MiFamilies.com



Mi Families (“my families”) facilitates programs for families and those who work with families across Michigan. Our youngest family members participate in our “Adventure Academy” program, located between Cadillac and Traverse City. Before enrollment parents/guardians are required to read through this handbook.  Families are also encouraged to meet with Christi Morgan and ask questions regarding services.  Many of your questions may be answered within the enrollment forms. Enrollment forms ensure that your child will get the very best services possible. You are responsible for keeping forms updated and communicating any changes and needs. Communication is of utmost importance for your family’s success in any program.


Philosophy & Practices

I am excited for your family to join our learning adventures! Our youth programs are designed for tots to teens to explore their world. Through one-on-one, small group, and large group experiences our curriculums enrich a child’s development through focus on individual interests and goals.  This unique “education through recreation” approach teaches a love of learning through a progression of life skills. Our “stage before age” lessons are based on the research of successful schooling in Finland, the country ahead of all others in ways beyond academics … and also key teaching practices established by individuals such as Bev Bos, Maria Montessori, Kurt Han and Kristine Barnett…

Early learners (0-6 year olds) should have days filled with discoveries through non-pressured, open-ended experiences. Experiences are designed to teach and assess ones individual development.  Assessments and evaluations focus on process before product.

Adventure Academy learning domains include:

* Self, Social & Emotional Development (Resiliency, Respect & Responsibility)

* Physical development (Fine & Gross Motor, Health & Safety)

* Creative interpretation and expression (Music, Drama & Arts)

* Social Studies (Culture, Geography, History & Government)

* Language & Literacy (Communication, Comprehension, Reading & Writing)

* Science & Technology (Observation, Investigation & Experimentation)

* Math (Number, Operation, Computation, Money, Time, Geometry & Measurement)

Our “elementary explorers” (5-13years, k-6th grade level) problem solve through logic and reasoning based activities. Our services offer a rare opportunity for your child to explore many different curriculums and discover which learning style (or combination of styles) they learn through best. Subjects are taught through traditional methods, as well as sensory based and  hand’s on experiences.  “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember.  Involve me and I learn.”

To assess what your child is learning, and the effectiveness of the program, we offer conferences throughout the year. In believing that children learn by doing our discipline policy follows positive guidance techniques. If problems cannot be resolved through such guidance, a meeting will be held with the parents to develop a plan for ignoring, redirecting, verbal interventions and/or logical consequences. Before using such consequences children will be given positive feedback encouraging acceptable behavior and verbal rewards for following the rules. The rules are simple: DO NOT hurt people or things, but DO have fun and learn!

Our rules and guidance techniques are designed to encourage self control, while teaching skills of responsibility, respect and resiliency. Guidance is NOT punishment. Punishment that is humiliating or frightening to a child, such as verbal, physical or sexual abuse; or neglecting by withholding or forcing food or other necessities, are prohibited in all Mi Families programs. Environments should encourages self growth through guidance and structure. Structure and routine help children predict how to behave and what is expected from them and their provider.  Providers should provide instruction and allow opportunity for exploration within a setting. Although there are times for instruction, many learning opportunities are offered through open exploration of materials.


EXAMPLE Daily Schedule for 2019 

Actual times/activities WILL change based on the type of program, ages of the children and their interest in the activities offered…


CLICK 4 larger image


Policies, Prices & Procedures

Mi Families programs make every effort to provide a quality education, beyond the typical school setting, while keeping costs affordable. Costs includes educational materials and supplies.  Additional charges may apply for certain events / field trips (to parks, beaches, farms, gyms, libraries, museums, etc).  Extra fees will minimal and with prior notice / option to participate). Healthy meals and snacks are included in (on site) costs UNLESS your child requires a special diet.

Your child will need to bring a daily bag with any dietary and medication related supplies, a change of weather-appropriate clothes (including diapers/wipes or xtra undies if necessary), a rest-time blanket (for 1-6yr olds) and any homework pertaining to their program. You will be provided with a portfolio binder for their work and daily notes.  PLEASE read your child’s daily notes after each session for updated information on their care, homework, schedule reminders, etc… Feel free to use the note areas to send messages back and forth regarding schedule changes, your child’s needs, etc… You will be able to keep the portfolio & resources when services are terminated.

Services may be terminated by the parent or provider at any time. Parties involved will make every effort to communicate effectively and provide adequate notice, depending upon the situation. Unpaid tuition is an example reason for termination of services.  Tuition is due by pickup time of the last day in each week attended.  Children will not be allowed to attend future sessions until paid in full.  Unpaid tuition post 30 days from billing will result in accruing charges from small claims court added to unpaid tuition charges. There will also be a 25$ over-charge fee for any bounce checks.

There will be NO charge for days the academy doesn’t provide services (This includes planned holidays and sickdays) We do not close for snowdays, but sessions may be delayed based on plowing. There will be NO charge for days your child does not attend due to illness if notified before their scheduled session.  We have medically challenged children that visit our site  who appreciate you helping us keep our environment healthy. If your child attends ill (ex: fever over 100degrees, vomiting or diarrhea, yellow or green discharge from nose or eyes, unspecified rash…) you will be notified to pick up him/her AND will be required to pay their scheduled service rate for that day. If you are notified you must pick them up within 3o mins of the sick-notice.  If the child is sent home due to illness, please send a note from the doctor before he/she returns stating they are not contagious.  Your child is welcome to attend once they have been symptom free for 24hours.  If your child will NOT be attending for reasons other than illness (ex: vacation) you will be charged for service if notification of absence is less than 24hours in advance. Please send notice of absences ASAP … Continual UNPAID absences (more than 10 days per year) will result in your spot going to someone on our waiting list (PLEASE NOTE: paid absences are secured enrollment spots).

Cost for services are based on hourly scheduled sessions.

Time frame 1 student 2 siblings 3 siblings
Tutor time &    developmental services 20$/hour 30$/hour 35$/hour
PT – Babysitting services      (NO FT child care) 5$/hour 8$/hour 9$/hour
* Fees are rounded up by 15min increments.   * off site services               + add prep & travel fees *ex: TC or Cadillac Tutoring = 30$/hr * group rate options available

When you invest in a program for your child today, you are investing in their future success.  For this reason our adventures are picked with deliberate purpose – and with your child’s goals in mind.  What do you and your child want to get out of this program? What does your child need to work on? What are his/her strengths and interests? These answers will help us plan our daily activities.  Daily activities are themed focused using topics that are engaging and build onto future lessons.  Although themes are pre-determined they may lead to sub-themes or branch off into related (or unrelated!) topics determined by the students.


Health & Safety

Parents and students report loving the programs and love the theme based learning adventures.  Daily routines and environments are prepared for each child’s success and with regard to health and safety. We have an open door policy (for parents/guardians ONLY) and you are welcome to call/text to check on the status of your child. *Please refer above for information regarding our sick care/illness policy*

In the event of an emergency we will contact parents as soon as possible.  During some programs students will practice emergency drills for accidents, fire, tornado, earth-quake and lock-downs.  THERE ARE NO FIREARMS ALLOWED ON SITE.  If your home has firearms please take precautions to make sure your child(ren) can not access them. To keep our environment safe please do not allow your child to even bring a toy gun / water gun on the premises. Discuss safety guidelines and behaviors with your child(ren).  If your child’s behavior threatens the safety of themselves, others, or our environment – arrangements will have to be made for the child to attend a different program.

Our program is designed to teach safety sense and healthy habits. Children will learn how to identify emergency situations, as well as injuries and illnesses.  Families will receive resources on such topics (including recall notices) and children may discuss the importance of topics such as hand-washing and reasons to avoid smoking at home.  SMOKING (&/or alcohol) IS NOT ALLOWED IN OR AROUND OUR ENVIRONMENT.  Our environment is constantly assessed for child safety/health regulations and Christi Morgan has taken 1st aid and CPR… Precautions are taken and sanitation methods are used for general care, cooking, and cleaning.  Cleaning products and medications are not in access for child-use, except for items such as brooms – which children are encouraged to learn to use and clean up after their own messes. If you have questions about how to get your children to help with chores at home or how to child proof your home feel free to ask for resources.

Feel free to ask any resources relating to your child’s safety and well being.  Please communicate your child’s needs, injuries, illness, allergies and medication use.  Please note that any questionable information regarding proper medical care or suspected child abuse will be reported as all teachers and daycare providers are mandated reporters according to Michigan law.  Also note that a child will not be released to anyone displaying questionable behavior at pick up time, this includes suspected persons under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Your child may be allowed to stay longer than scheduled while arranging other forms of transportation in such circumstances. Please communicate if someone other than the parent will be picking up your child.  If Christi Morgan has not yet met the individual notify them that they will need to bring a picture ID before transporting the child.

In case of an emergency please provide contact information and names of individuals your child can be released to.  This information will also allow safety authorities, such as an ambulance, to transport your child if needed. If Adventure Academy ever transports your child for safety reasons, or reasons such as a field trip, you will be notified.


The Director … and her family

Letting another work with your child can be difficult – I know – I’m a mom myself! I am a mom of 2 boys (Alex and Sam) and daughter (named Makayla).  My children love sharing our home with other child(ren). In fact – it was their idea to offer this program! We decided to pull our boys out of traditional school and homeschool them and have seen them thrive academically and socially.  Alex is a sensitive kid who worries about being “perfect” and loves learning about everything – especially science. He says he’s excited to help teach and read books to the younger children who visit us. Sam worries he’ll be teased about his stuttering, but is a confident kid who is super smart and loves to play games and sports with other kids. Makayla is learning how to share toys (as she’s only a toddler) and loves having new friends to play and learn with.

Our new friends will also get to know my husband, Jeff, “Mr. Morgan.”  Jeff is a film maker who is at times on the other side of the globe, and other times edits films from home. Jeff loves the times working from home and hearing kids voices in the background. At a young age he became a caregiver helping his family with foster children. Before we had our own children we cared for foster kids ourselves and spent a lot of time with our many nieces and nephews (We have 16 + a great niece!).  Both of us love our large extended families and are thankful for the children in our lives. I knew I wanted to be a mom and work with children even when I was still a child myself.  Before designing Adventure Academy I earned a double Bachelor’s degree in both Early Education/Special Ed AND Human Development/Family Services – and worked over two-decades in such fields. My background as a caregiver, coach, teacher, counselor, ABA therapist, and curriculum writer has helped me prepare for this adventure!

This information was offered to help you learn more about myself, my family and this program.  If you have any questions please contact me through email: Christi@MiFamilies.com. If you would like to enroll your child please schedule a visit to fill out forms.  If your child participates in our programs please review this handbook online often and visit www.MiFamilies.com for updated information about our programs, schedules, meal plans, etc

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