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We are now enrolling for SUMMER 2018!!!!                                                       

Depending upon tutor time / child care schedule Breakfast, Lunch, Snack & Dinner/Dessert may be provided.

CLICK  JULY 2018 to see this months schedule , themed activities & our meal plan!!!

Check back to this page often as we update activities … Keep scrolling for meal plan information, daily schedules and past month themes


We are working with the “Association for Child Development” to offer a healthy food program for our child care and tutoring students.


Click for larger image of guidelines

We plan out our menu with healthy habit goals, and also plan out fit fun activities to build motor skills.  Students have daily opportunities to play on our indoor gym and explore our outdoor acreage. Both fine and gross motor activities are scheduled into the curriculum, through programs such as Mother Goose Time’s Dance-n-Beats (click highlighted words for more information).


Our indoor gym / hero training center

Example Daily Schedule for 2018 

Actual times/activities may change based on the ages of the children and their interest in the activities offered.

8am – Good morning: calm options, baby dolls, stuffed animals, puzzles, manipulatives…

8:45 – Breakfast: bread, fruit and dairy groups served

9:15 – (teeth brushing) Free play: Toy time in Imagination Station

10am – Circle time: calendar, weather, seasonal / theme stories & songs

10:30 – Brain builders: Musical Mondays, Tuesday Trips (geo/social/history), NO Wed or Sun program, Thoughtful Thursdays (health, safety, team & character builders), Free Art Fridays & Super Science Saturdays

11am – Outside Adventures, weather permitting * Sensory Stations if indoor recess

11:45 – Lunch: bread, protein, veggie or fruit & dairy

12:15 – Rest time (books and learning videos will be used for those who don’t nap)

1:15 –  1:1 Tutor time, electives, reading 4 research, typing and tech time…

2:45 – Snack: 2 food groups offered

3pm – Outside Adventures weather permitting * Sensory Stations if indoor recess

3:45 –  Literacy Links: letters, sounds, word work, vocab, reading, writing, language

4:15 –  Math moments: manipulatives, sorting, numbers, geometry, time, money, operations

4:45 – Free Play: Toy time in Imagination Station

5:15 – Clean up / Life skills (ABA, OT, PT, SLP…)

5:45 – Dinner: bread, protein, veggie or fruit & dairy

6:15 – Life skills programs /1:1 tutoring / Kids-night-out fun themed activities … crafts, games …

7 pm – Wind down activity options: movies, books, baby dolls, stuffed animals, baths…

8:45 – Good night dessert: 2 food groups offered (&teeth brushing)

Our activities are chosen through various curriculums including Mother Goose Time, RightStart Math, Math U See, Spelling U See, Handwriting without Tears, All about Reading, Explode the Code and more… Children will learn at their own pace while being exposed to overall content and themes.
This year we have been transitioning through the following themes:
Winter, Ice Age, Dino Days, Worldly Wonders, Space Station, Sky High, Sea Studies, Save the Earth, Growing Gardens…
Here are examples from past years activity schedules:
nov sch
During our summer session we enjoyed summer themes such as:
Below is what we’ve been doing during our spring session themes:
Here’s what we did through the winter:
Past year’s lessons included:
 Adventure Academy was closed for July and August of 2016 for the Directors maternity leave.
Here’s what we were up to during the 2015-16 school year:JUNE












September’s content and themes (& Field Trips!):





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