Youth Services


“He started the summer at a reading level of 7 and retested at the beginning of the school year at level 19!” (S.M foster parent of an 8yr old)

From family planning thru grand-parenting we are developing recreational and educational adventures to meet the needs of today’s youth and their families. 

Developmental and educational programs for infants thru teen stages are available. Programs include service referrals as well as in-house assistance, tutoring and homeschool consultations. Email with any questions.

We are currently planning and enrolling for our summer program.  CLICK SUMMER SCHOOL for more information.

All of our programs can be individualized or designed for small/large groups. We host year round opportunities for making friends, making a mess, and make believing together!  Public and private themed events such as: “Brain Builders” and “Creepy Crawlers,” “Nature Rocks,” “Transportation Station,” “Splish Splash,” “UpUP &Away,” “Wild World,” “Kids Kingdom,” “Game On,” “Hero Camp” … Summer programs also offered through NMC College for Kids!”




Youth Programs are all-aged / family focused fun

~ or can be divided by age/stage groups:

Newborn – 3 years

2 – 7 years

6 – 12 years

12 – 19 years

Here’s a video from our Phineas & Ferbtastic summer school:

“Mi School” offers one-on-one “tutor-time,” as well as “links2learning” (small and large group experiences), dividing students by stage, rather than age. Working with both the parents, and students themselves, we provide a unique approach to education. This program is available in Grand Traverse and surrounding areas… although field trips may be across the state so watch for learning-adventures heading to your area!


“Mi Families participants have enjoyed private tours and great discounts exploring the Detroit Zoo, many farms, cider mills and museums – such as: Cranbrook, Henry Ford & Green Field Village…”


(… now providing special ed assistance such as speech, sensory & social/emotional skill builders!)

Click LEARNING-LINKS for 0-7 yr old online resources and LINKS2LEARNING for 6yrs+

Contact for more information on youth events and educational services.