Youth Services


“It’s a loving home based program, but also a professional education center so we knew our child was getting the best of both worlds.” (M.J & J.W parents)

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Discovery Daycare (1-6years) developmental childcare is available PART-TIME for little ones who want to try out “school” without an every day classroom commitment.

Elementary Explorers (5-13yrs/k-6th grade) HOURLY one-on-one and small group activities/tutoring services for homeschoolers and traditional schooled students.

Both programs use our “ ADVENTURE ACADEMY ” curriculum. CLICK (developmental services) for additional information on developmental assessments and individual course options.

Our programs include year round education through recreation activities such as: “Kid’s Kitchen,” “Art Smart,” “Brain Builders,” “Nature Rocks,” “Transportation Station,” “Water World,” “UpUP &Away,” “Hero Camp,” “Kids Kingdom” …

Here’s a virtual tour of our homebase (we also offer programs off-site for public and private groups) :

If you are planning to visit us please watch the videos with your child(ren) and introduce them to our investigation stations.

Invitation station” invites everyone to join in circle time activities and learn about the world and each other.

Imagination station” is our dramatic play area where toys teach life lessons and important skills through blocks building, housekeeping, puppets and more.

Motorvation station” challenges motor skill development through fit fun activities.

Creation station” encourages expression and artistic techniques.

Education station” is our library room filled with books, manipulatives and games.

The “Television station” may be used for quiet times or as an educational tool.  Electronics are used on a limited bases as students are encouraged to explore their environment and interact with each other while we “make friends, make a mess and make believe” together!

We’ll learn together with supplies and materials in our resource library, which is over-flowing with educational activities and top-rated curriculums.

All lessons and themes are deliberately presented to encourage growth in the following areas:

*Self, Social and Emotional Development (resilience, respect & responsibility)

*Physical Development (fine & gross motor, health & safety)

*Creative Interpretation & Expression (music, drama & art)

*Social Studies (culture, geography, history & government)

*Language & Literacy (communication, comprehension, reading & writing)

*Science & Technology (observation, investigation & experimentation)

*Mathematics (numbers, operation, computation, money, time, geometry & measurement)

Our days will be packed with adventures that are often sensory based and outdoors so please dress accordingly!


CLICK HERE to learn more about our adventures, activities, schedules and meal plans.

CLICK HERE to read the handbook for detailed information about policies, prices and enrollment.