5 to 13 Year Olds


Youth Programs

1. Elementary Explorers: Year round  TUTORING and homeschool options.  SEE ADVENTURE ACADEMY for more information about one-on-one, sm, and lg group services.

Curriculum includes:

*Self, Social and Emotional Development (resilience, respect & responsibility)

*Physical Development (fine & gross motor, health & safety)

*Creative Interpretation & Expression (music, drama & art)

*Social Studies (culture, geography, history & government)

*Language & Literacy (communication, comprehension, reading & writing)

*Science & Technology (observation, investigation & experimentation)

*Mathematics (numbers, operation, computation, money, time, geometry & measurement)

2. Hero Camp: encourages kids to be themselves while being a part of a team through games, save the world activities, team builders… this program is also available as a “how to be a hero” parent/provider program.

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