“I love your hand’s on workshops with get up & move activities!” (U.M youth worker)

Provider Programs can be designed to meet the needs of individual or group child caregivers, residential workers, camp counselors, tutors, teachers, program directors, ministry leaders… Past programs other providers have recommended include:

 “Not just babysitters” guides you on developing a business plan and marketing your services.  Create curriculums, schedules and safety plans.  Optimize your environment.  Consider ages, stages, needs and cultures.  Learn to foster relationships and brain development through activities.  This course can be designed as a “Babysitting Busyness” class for teens who would like to start a business of their own. Cost is dependent upon location and participant numbers.  Contact our director for more information.

“Work with me” is a unique program that comes to your location (family daycare, group home, child care center, school…).  Sometimes it’s helpful having another caregiver/teachers perspective with challenging students or challenging times of the day.  Learn how observation and assessments for child development, individual temperaments and learning styles can turn chaos to calm.  If you’d like someone to come “work with you” and help you assess challenges, develop guidance strategies, design peaceful environments, create structure and routines … contact our director.

“It takes a village” is fun way to learn techniques for training your caregiver staff and/or using parents as volunteer partners.  Encourage diversity and acceptance throughout your program.  Discover ideas for fundraisers. Learn to lead meetings that solve problems, strengthen communication & build team work. Contact our director to customize this workshop today! Cost is dependent upon location and participant numbers.

“Go & Grow” with kids (and/or their families) and learn about physical development and how to strengthen motor skills. Discover ways to teach ‘healthy me moments’, safety steps, stranger dangers and other sensitive subjects. Encourage social/emotional development through team guidance and an encouraging environment. Contact our director to schedule this hands on program at your location. Cost is dependant upon location & participant numbers.

“Think Tank” uses your thoughts OR offers you new ideas on how to use ANY theme to teach ALL subject areas. Schedule as a “how to” provider workshop OR as an on location visit that brings engaging activities to teach requested themes to your class. Students love when a special teacher visits with new manipulatives, games, music, crafts etc to extend themes they’ve been learning about OR introduce new units.  Past classes have enjoyed topics such as Dino days, Animal adventures, Backyard bugs, Nature Rocks, Construction junction, Transportation station, Splish Splash, UpUp&Away, Hero camp, Game on… Contact for more ideas or to schedule this awesome program.

“Mi Ministries” will individualize and design leadership trainings, workshops, fundraisers and other events for your ministry teams and their families. Develop curriculums and activities unique to your programs. Create programs such as: family-VBS, Night B4 Christmas, Creation Stations & FROG events… Contact our director today to individualize your ministry!

Teacher orientations and trainings can be scheduled around your staffing needs! Don’t see classes above that meet your needs? Contact Christi, we’ll design a unique program for your staff/school.

Contact for more information on course options and professional networking opportunities.

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