12 to 19 Year Olds

Teen Programs12-19_sm

Rock – n – roll: Teen parenting workshop designed to assist teen parents through the transition and build a connection for networking and resources through their journey.  Program is available for pregnant and new parents AND for their families… Family groups help siblings and young grandparents adjust to the changing family dynamic and extend parent-partnerships.

Babysitting Busyness: Discover a fun way to make money – while you play! Consider ages and needs when creating activity lists and safety plans. Learn how to handle emergencies and how to market your services to keep busy with your babysitting business.

Child Development and Early Education: Learn how to be beyond-a-babysitter! Find confidence in handling children’s daily needs, as well as handling emergencies needs through first aid training.  Learn to develop emergency plans, as well as lesson plans – as you become a teachers aid and volunteer to work with groups of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary students.  Learn about educational systems and settings, while defining your own philosophy on teaching. You will learn how to individualize instruction and care for children who have different needs and come from different cultures…

Express Yourself: In this ever-changing and growing world learn to express yourself, your thoughts, feelings and points of view through character building, team building, film viewing, reading, writing, journalism, speech and debate… “Express Yourself” encourages teens to discover their strengths and find support for their struggles, while developing marketable skills for future career paths.

… Storytelling, Journalism/ Debate, My Media, Hero Trainings, and other electives are also available!