FALL into routine





Now that the weather is finally acting like fall we can FALL into our classroom routines.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in our adult workshops with parents and providers or in programs with our youngest students – it’s hard to focus on classwork when the warm weather invites you to play outside.  Since the warm weather was a gift in our Northern Michigan area we accepted the invitation and took many outside breaks or turned the outdoors into our classroom.






Sometimes we brought the outdoors inside, adding leaves and other fall observations to our sensory tables or activities.  We talked about how to stay healthy and safe as the weather gets colder and discussed appropriate clothing to wear during different seasons.  Using clothing as a theme we were able work on basic skills and practice motor development.  Using clothing we were able to assess where students were on the developmental continuum.






Mother Goose Time is one of the curriculums we use with our young students, which includes a developmental continuum for reference, as well as various assessment tools.  Some programs like to do initial assessments at the beginning of enrollment, but with our early education and elementary tutoring programs we wait on assessing and developing goals until after getting to know the student and being able to authentically observe them.





Observation includes getting to know the students interests, strengths, struggles, learning styles … Authentic observations are not standardized tests, which often do not accurately showcase a student’s abilities or needs. Observations are not only noted at specific time periods, but are continuously updated.  We do offer initial developmental screenings for participants who would like such information, as well as recommendations and referrals.






If you’re looking for child developmental information contact Christi@MiFamilies.com for parent/provider workshops or infant through teen programs.  Mi Families (“my families”) LLC facilities programs for families and those who work with families across Michigan.  We have a couple part time spaces available in our early education and tutoring program, located in Kingsley, if you know a tot to pre teen who’d like to join in learning adventures at Adventure Academy!









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Healthy homes






Mi Families (“my families”) LLC has been busy facilitating programs in homes, schools, libraries … and everywhere we go we are hearing people talking about germs.  As Autumn activities continue we Fall into flu season and often providers/parents are calling to cancel services … which we appreciate, especially if the program involves little ones.  Some of our students have needs, including being medically fragile and their families are thankful for your consideration!






To help families keep their homes healthy we focused on providing healthy hints this week. We talked about resources for medical care, including dental services and programs like Children’s Therapy Corner.  We tried out new healthy foods and planned out some fun farm field trips.  We learned about the importance of rest and how much sleep we need. We discussed ways to stay active and safe – even when we can’t get outside due to bad weather.






As the weather gets colder and storms come in we’ll continue talking about ways to stay healthy and how to properly dress for the seasons.  How to stay safe in seasonal storms and how to stay calm will be other upcoming topics.  Different ages/stages will explore different curriculums during such lessons.  Our youngest learners in our parent & me programs and at Adventure Academy will be exploring supplies provided by Mother Goose Time.






As we transition from “All About Me” to “Seasonal Studies” we’ll be starting assessments in some of our programs.  “All About Me” was a transition time to acclimate new students and start up new programs and now that we know each other and our routine – it’s time to assess how our schedule, services and students are doing.  Assessments are used to develop goals for programs and individual persons and are conducted through authentic observations, instead of standardized testings.






All of our programs are stage before age designed understanding that everyone grows and learns at their own rate.  Everyone has areas they struggle and areas of strength.  By using strengths and interests we encourage growth in areas of struggle and develop goals.  Goals are as diverse as our programs.  If you’d like your child to be involved in a goal orientated program for early education or elementary tutoring please email Christi@MiFamilies.com as there are a couple part time spaces left…






If you’d like information on all of our programs options visit www.MiFamilies.com.  Feel free to find us on LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, etc for more information or to network with our team or members.  Visit www.MotherGooseTime.com for more info on their product (pics in article showcase many of their supplies).  Our resource library is growing curriculums for all ages/stages/subjects.  Email Christi for more curriculum reviews.


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Sensory School







“Back to school” excitement is calming down and the weather is cooling down, so students are transitioning easier to fall routines and school schedules.  In all our programs this month we’ve been focusing on get-to-know-you activities with our children and adult learners.  We learned how to introduce ourselves, researched family trees, made new friends … We talked about communities and caring for people near and far.  We learned about empathy and reading feelings through others faces.  Emotions and expressions led to lessons on body awareness and using our five-senses.







Students agree that learning through all our senses is more effective than just listening to a teacher lecture.  Listening skills are important, but so are conversation skills, observation skills and even using our tasting and smelling skills when we can.  Since it was “Johnny Appleseed” week it was easy to adapt smelling and tasting into our lesson plans.  We used sensory science while tasting different apples and making applesauce.  We read about Johnny Appleseed’s character, which led to discussions on sharing and caring.






Apples also led to discussions on the letter “A” and different apple colors … We went back to the basics this week and talked about the letter A, colors, shapes, etc in many of our children’s programs.  We used our senses to work on our basic skills and create art work.  We used our senses to talk about the changes in the season and making healthy changes so we grow up healthy.  Next week we’ll continue learning about how to stay healthy and safe. We’ll be using “My Amazing Body” curriculum from Mother Goose Time for a few of our students.







Depending on age/stage of our students we have many curriculum options in our different programs. Mi Families (“my families”) LLC facilitates programs for all ages.  One of our youth programs, Adventure Academy, has a couple part time spaces open if you’d like your child to join in our learning adventures.  Email Christi@MiFamilies.com about enrollment.  Feel free to visit www.MiFamilies.com for information on our other programs.  Visit www.MotherGooseTime.com to learn more about their curriculum!







*Many images posted showcase MGT supplies and materials*

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Expressing Emotions





This month all of Mi Families programs have had an “all about me” theme. “All about me, my family and friends” activities help us get to know new participants in each program.  From infants to adults it’s been fun meeting new friends and adding members to our Mi Family-tree.  Mi Families (“my families”) LLC facilitates programs for families and those who work with families.  From provider workshops to family events, parent and me programs, tutor times and child care services … we have a busy fall session planned.  Throughout our fall session we’ll be exploring various topics and themes.





I encourage all program facilitators (&parents) to give warnings before transitions to a new theme or activity.  We started off this month focused on oneself, then their family and friends … This week we transitioned to discussions about expressing our emotions and reading peoples “feeling faces” to promote awareness of others and being empathetic.  This week some of our students talked about empathy towards to our friends and families, and also those far away in areas devastated by nature and in areas where people are fighting one another. Students often become afraid by chaotic news stories and fill helpless.  This week we focused on ways to stay calm, look for heroes, and asked ourselves how we can be helping heroes.





Even small children should feel empowered to help others, which helps them feel less frightened and more in control.  Feeling in control and empowered helps a child build self esteem and build skills for dealing with emotions.  Encourage a child to feel in control by providing them with a monthly calendar overview, help them write out their weekly schedule, let them decide parts of their daily routine.  For young children use a visual planner to help them see what to expect and provide transition moments before starting new activities.  This time of year is filled with new activities and changes to our routine. This can feel overwhelming coming off summer vacation.





As we move from summer to fall – the first weeks of school and other activities are exciting, but then many experience emotional roller coasters adjusting to the new season. As seasons change our senses are heightened, which for many adds to the roller coaster feeling and meltdowns.  Let children know what to expect as you go about your daily routine.  Let them know what they will do, see, hear, taste, smell, and feel during different activities.  Provide them with many activities to use those senses and ask how they feel about each activity.  How does the activity feel according to their senses and their emotions.





Mi Families programs try to individualize activities to meet the emotional, mental, medical, physical and academic needs of each participant – even in a group setting – especially with our youngest participants.  Let us know about the struggles and strengths of anyone in your family who participates, so we can make sure activities enrich their experience in our programs.  In our “Adventure Academy” program for tots to pre teens we’ll be preparing sensory based activities this week.  Warning some sensory play get’s messy! Education through recreation can make a kid messy! But did you know kids often learn more while creating a mess?!





If you know someone who’d like to “make a mess, make friends and make believe” with us during this fall session we still have a couple part time spaces available in various programs.  Contact Christi@MiFamilies.com for more information or visit www.MiFamilies.com.  You can find out more about our programs and network with our members on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn… You can find out more about curriculums we use by reviewing old articles through this blog or visit www.MotherGooseTime.com. We’ll be using Mother Goose Time’s 5 senses teachers guide this week as little ones explore their “My Amazing Body” kit.







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My friends and family


Mi Families (“my families”) LLC is officially in our fall semester with programs for children, parents and providers underway.  This week we’ve been busy with “parent and me” programs, educational child care services, tutor time groups and one-on-one sessions… Next week we’ll add our annual Family Super Hero School to the schedule.  This years hero class teaches parents and their children CPR and AED skills.  These safety lessons are obviously important, but watching kids learn with their parents about any topic is always a wonderful opportunity.





Mi Families facilitates family events, workshops and playgroups encouraging parents to learn with their child.  As children grow it’s important to teach them that we never stop learning – and that we enjoy learning.  Family support is the number one key to academic success and conquering developmental milestones throughout life.  Supportive friends also help us reach our goals.  Learning how to make friends and navigate social/emotional stages is also taught through interactions with our families.





Some families enjoy our tutor time programs together.  Parents learn new ways to approach subject matters and take home tools to use after each session.  All of our tutor time programs are individualized (even in group settings), but all have worked through common themes these first couple weeks.  We’ve been learning about how we are each unique and how we can share our talents with others.  We’ve discussed struggles and made goals to overcome obstacles.  We’ve discussed how family and friends impact our struggles and our strengths.





Students have access to many wonderful curriculums through our programs.  Many of our students enjoy Mother Goose Time.  Mother Goose Time provides a theme based kit that’s adaptable for different ages and stages, and offers flexible lesson plans.  Lesson plans can be scheduled however it works best for your programming.  Since I have different types of programs I can use one day bag and lessons for a full day program or use various parts of the program in our 1 hour playgroups.





During playroups we have 20mins of playtime as friends arrive.  On the tables you’ll find a new toy, manipulative or sensory activity with ideas how to use the materials for teaching concepts to your little ones.  Then we clean up for 20mins of circle time, which includes activities like the calendar, weather, songs and stories.  The table toys and circle time all build up to the daily theme, ending our last 2o mins with parent projects… Cutting and glueing, painting, playing games, etc with their child.





Full day programs include breakfast, playtime, learning time, lunch, nap, snack, playtime, learning time … learning times have daily themes such as “Musical Mondays” and “Saturday Science…” Yes we’re open Saturdays! Depending on the program your looking at to meet the needs of your family (or families you work with), Mi Families has flexible scheduling.  Currently we have only a couple (part time) spaces remaining in our Adventure Academy program for early education and elementary tutoring.





If you’d like to enroll your child in our educational child care or set up tutor time email Christi@MiFamilies.com.  Also feel free to email if you have questions regarding our parent or provider programs. More information can also be found at www.MiFamilies.com. If you’d like to network with our team or other families find us on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn… If you’d like to learn more about Mother Goose Time CLICK HERE! (Many images used in this article showcase MGT supplies. Click pics for larger details)



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All About ME






Mi Families (“my families”) LLC started our fall session this week! Our schedule is filling up fast with requests for provider trainings, parent workshops, family events, elementary tutoring, child development screenings and resources, playgroups, child care, homeschool programs … One of our new homeschool programs includes Christi Morgan (me) teaching “Kids Kitchen” at Northern Michigan Homeschool Partnership.  Before cooking with elementary students I’ll be facilitating a “Parent and Me” class for preschoolers … and since many came with Grandma, or mom’s friend, or even big-brother we might need a new name for that group!






Scheduling different groups, Back2School activities, sports, church functions, appointments etc… can get complicated during this time of year so I spent last week developing a visual schedule for my family to follow, which included color coding to show who’s where/when.  The visual schedule helps everyone know what’s expected, from breakfast to bedtime.  Even though we all have different schedules, we try and keep the same routine, so things stay as predictable as possible.  Often we have extra kiddos at our house for child care or tutoring and they get to know our routines as well, making it easier for them to transition from one activity to the next.






One lil’ guy said “at the Morgans we eat, play, learn, then eat play and learn again.” It’s a system that works for us.  Every home, every school needs to find the system that works best for their goals / needs.  Sometimes kids join us with different goals / needs so our system shifts a bit and that’s ok! Everyone has different goals / needs and that’s a good thing.  Everyone has different strengths and different struggles. Our strengths and struggles make us who we are.  We can use our strengths to help others and use our struggles to challenge us to reach goals.  Everyone has different things they can teach others and different goals to work towards.






Everyone is different – even twins – according to twins in one of our programs this week.  This week we talked about our differences and what’s is unique about us during ALL of our Back 2 School programs.  We talked about what makes us unique and also what makes us the same as our friends and family members.  We talked about the support family and friends give us at school and in the different programs we’re involved in this fall. Mi Families has lots of great programs being offered this fall.  Adventure Academy is one of our youth programs providing education through recreation for tots to pre teens in Kingsley.  We have a couple spaces left for enrollment if you know a kiddo who’d like to join us for theme based fun!






Email Christi@MiFamilies.com for more information on Adventure Academy or visit www.MiFamilies.com for info on our other programs. Also feel free to network with us on LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook to see what we’re up to! This month we’re up to scheduling our programs and meeting new friends.  Friends and families get to explore many great resources through our programs. Many of our children programs include top rated curriculums, such as Mother Goose Time.  Many pics in this article showcase MGT materials and supplies. CLICK HERE to learn more about Mother Goose Time.






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It’s about time

Time fly’s … when your having fun … and when you crazy busy because you’re a “work from home” mom with 3 kids: one who’s recovering from a concussion, one who’s learning to walk and getting into everything, and one who’s anxious about “back 2 school.”  Time flew because I just realized it’s August 31st, which means tomorrow is September 1st, which means “Back 2 School” season is here, fall is flying in fast and it’s about time I get ready for it!
I’m not ready! Because life is unpredictable and things like concussions happen, I’m still catching up from last week.  I’m still finishing up last weeks “to-do’s” and finishing last weeks curriculum.  We’re finishing off “Hero Camp” and preparing for our “all about me” unit.  We’re preparing for our homeschool-coop and other fall programs with sports and at church…  I’m preparing for my new daycare kiddos, tutor time programs, parent and provider workshops… it’s going to be a busy fall!
Fall will fly by, before we know it this year will be over.  It’s making me realize how fast this year is moving and how the hustle makes us forget to “stop and smell the roses” before the flowers fall with the season.  Stop and smell the roses, take hikes to view natures changes, spend time as a family playing outside, playing inside … play games, bake together, read out loud … As years fly by our kids seem to grow and be on the go…  Go with them while you can.  Go with them and ask questions about how they view their fast paced world.
Ask kids about what they see is going on in the world around them.  Many times they are over hearing news and are frightened by stories of storms in weather and between people.  Help them see the positives, help them find the helpers and the heroes in stories.  Help them find ways to be heroes.  My students have loved being heroes this month – from super heroes flying in to save the day, to community helpers cleaning up the area.  They want a clean, peaceful area to grow up in, help them clean it up, help them feel a part of their environment.
As we prepare environments for fall sessions I will prepare adult learning areas, kids kitchen cooking areas, a parent and me preschool classroom, my home child care and tutoring areas… As we prepare environments for learning I always ask for student input – even from my youngest learners.  I encourage students, even toddlers to trade out old toys in the playroom for new materials.  I empower older children to decorate with items they are interested in. I use interests and strengths to design learning areas to build confidence and excitement in learning.
I encourage students to add supplies to “Investigation Stations” where they can manipulate objects and use their senses and curiosities to learn more.  Stations are developed indoors and outside for building basic skills.  Stations are also developed with intent for flow of the room – how to keep kids safe – what new items I want students to find … As I open up our next months curriculum from Mother Goose Time I look for materials to add to our space – manipulatives I want students to find – circle time displays I want to utilize.
I choose curriculums based on how adaptable they are for the ages/stages I’m working with.  Mother Goose Time offers a great kit for students to explore.  The youngest kiddos are introduced to new concepts, while preschoolers enjoy a developmentally appropriate curriculum, yet even older students find the materials helpful for inspiring their creativity.  The open ended materials lead into deeper discussion topics and research projects that even older elementary students enjoy.
I choose various curriculums to meet the needs of various students and groups I work with.  You can find out more about the Mother Goose Time curriculum by visiting their website (click here), or joining us at our Parent Partnership Preschool or by sending your lil’ one to Adventure Academy.  Adventure Academy is one of Mi Families programs.  To learn more about Mi Families (“my families”) LLC programs and the other groups I facilitate visit www.MiFamilies.com, email Christi@MiFamilies.com, or find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube…
https://youtu.be/eVC6txUH6lE (CLINK LINK for Adventure Academy walk through video)
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1 rule. Be nice

As kids prepare for “Back to School” they worry about classes being too hard or what’s being served for lunch … but they also worry about people being nice.  Kids shouldn’t be afraid to go back to school, but many are.  Kids should be excited to see friends, but many fear they won’t have friends and that they’ll be bullied… because of differences.  I try and teach children that everyone has differences and everyone has similarities, but the world keeps focusing on the differences and making people feel that different is bad.  I’m not going to turn this article into a political debate, but I am going to say that Mi Families programs are open to all families (and those who work with families).




Everyone has differences.  Some differences are easy to see in the color of ones skin, by noticing someone in a wheelchair, or watching a family enter a specific church.  We make assumptions based on the differences we see.  Some differences are harder to see because we can’t see inside ones mind, know what their passions are, or if they are feeling ill.  Everyone has differences, but everyone has similarities.  We are all human  –  we are animals, since we are not plants or minerals.  We breath, we think, we feel…  We can feel our differences, we can feel when people are not nice to us.  We can feel when someone doesn’t accept our differences or our struggles.





We all have struggles, we could all be given a label for our struggles.  Our labels could be based on physical, mental, emotional, or medical struggles.  Some people focus on struggles, on what is different or challenging – instead of what is amazing and accomplished and what is strong about each person.  Each person, every person on this planet, has something awesome about them.  Every person has something they can add to this world and make it a better place.  Each person can help another find their strengths instead of focusing on their struggles, on their differences.  Each person can unite others by finding similarities and deciding to stand on common ground together.




Together we can take a stand and make sure kids feel safe in our homes and in our programs.  Together we can teach kids to stand and feel confident in who they are. We can teach kids to encourage each other by adults showing kindness to each other.  We don’t have to always agree with each other, but we do have to live in peace with one another if we want a peaceful future for our children.  We do have to show respect for others and thank heroes who work towards peace and safety. Respect those who try and help others. There is a reason there are more superhero movies being made every day – our kids ask for hero movies and toys and stories because they want to believe people will help, like superheroes.




Today I had an interesting discussion with some students about superheroes.  Superheroes like WonderWoman led to hero’s who do not have super- powers like doctors who take care of people, vets who take care of animals, even garbage men who take care of our trash! Yes, the garbage guys emptying our dumpsters are heroes.  Many kids love watching the truck pull up and wonder where it goes.  After discussing how picking up trash makes our world more peaceful they decided garbage men belonged on our hero list.  Anyone who helps other people, other animals, our plants… anyone who helps the earth and cares about making our world more peaceful ended up on our hero list.




As we finish “Hero Camp” at Adventure Academy we prepare for our “Back to School” theme about me, my family and friends.  We are discussing ways we can be helpful to others and what kind of community jobs we can do to help our small corner of the world.  Adventure Academy encourages kids to use their strengths and interests no matter their struggles or differences.  Every child that attends feels they have something to offer our team.  Adventure Academy is just one of Mi Families programs.  Mi Families (“my families”) LLC offers programs for youth, parents and providers – and anyone who participates is a part of our family tree / team.




In my home, in Adventure Academy classes, in any Mi Families program there is only 1 rule for participants.  Be nice.  Be nice to people and things.  Do not hurt yourself or others, or even the supplies we’re working with.  Don’t hurt means don’t physically hurt or even say hurtful things.  Don’t hurt means help.  Be helpful, kind, considerate, respectful… Recently I was asked what I wanted my children to become when they grow up – I think the person meant career wise, but I can’t choose the career that will make them happy or feel accomplished.  I can encourage them with their strengths and interests and talents and passions.  I can encourage them and teach them to be responsible for themselves, and respectful towards others.




I teach my own kids and my students using various curriculums chosen based on multi-stage adaptability, open ended learning materials and also how respectful the curriculum company is towards others – One curriculum I use is Mother Goose Time.  Mother Goose Time product images are posted in this article.  If you’d like more information on their curriculum CLICK HERE.  If you’d like more information on Mi Families CLICK HERE.  If you’d like to participate in our programs or enroll your child at Adventure Academy please email Christi@MiFamilies.com.  Feel free to email me with any questions and find us on social media sites to network with our families or team members!




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Summer isn’t over

“No more fun in the sun,” was the saddest sentence I heard the other day.  Instead of being excited to pick out a new backpack a small child looked miserable while school shopping.  The parent was impatient reading over the school supply list and rushed the child to pick between options until the child began to cry. I could describe more about the child and the situation, but the details don’t matter as it happens to many families in many stores during back to school season transitions.  Transitions are tough – especially transitioning from “fun in the sun,” summer schedules, to school structures.



A few years ago transitioning to school routines was our worst time of year.  Every single school morning felt like the first day of school and was filled with anxiety. Our boys were anxious picking out backpacks no matter how patient we were about gathering school supplies or how excited we tried to make their new classes sound. Today are excited about school!  There are still anxious moments about transitions, but we’re getting somewhere.  We’re headed in the right direction by trying to understand our kids individual needs, their struggles, their talents, and their interests.




Just as every student is different, there are different options for schooling.  From public to private to charter – we tried all the options! We watched them struggle in different programs for 3 years before my husband suggested homeschooling.  Because of my background working in schools I thought we’d do the norm, but it just didn’t seem to be the right fit.  I agreed to try homeschooling temporarily, but unpredictable changes hit our home with a job lose, house flood, car crash, and a surprise baby addition to our family… so we continued with homeschooling to avoid more transitions.




We continued homeschooling and continued to watch the boys thrive. They went from surviving to thriving with one-on-one academics and group activities through my childcare, their sports, and our church.  Last year we added a co-op type program to their schedule through the Northern Michigan Homeschool Partnership, which offers a full day of elective classes.  This program is the reason our boys are excited about “back to school” season this year.  They are taking classes like choir, dance, computer programing, outdoor education, seasonal science, art, movie making and cooking… My husband and I are teaching the last 2 classes.




My husband is an award winning film maker who’s also taught kindergarten students through adults movie making.  He’s also teaching a martial arts class and photoshop…while I teach other programs like a parent and me preschool.  There are many classes being offered and many students signing up (we’re over 160 students now)! If you’d like more info about the partnership email me at Christi@MiFamilies.com.  Feel free to email me also regarding the other programs I’m developing .  Back to school season means time for me to plan Mi Families fall programs.  Mi Families (“my families”) offers programs to families and those who work with families across Michigan.




Visit www.MiFamilies.com for more information on our programs.  Mi Families offers Adventure Academy as a youth program – providing educational child care, developmental services and tutoring for tots to preteens. Elementary Explorers and Discovery Day camps are year round – transition free – learning opportunities.  Believing that “back to school” can still mean “fun in the sun” (or snow) this unique education option offers “education through recreation” activities.  All activities are designed using theme based curriculums that transition smoothly from one subject or season to the next.




Adventure Academy is a perfect schooling option for those who find transitions tough or for little ones who want to try out school.  Hands on learning adventures and hourly scheduling make it the perfect schooling option for kindergarten kiddos who aren’t ready for all day, every day programs.  Individualized academics make it the perfect option for homeschoolers who’d like to learn with a small group of peers.  Adventure Academy is a one-room-schoolhouse option utilizing top rated curriculums.  Curriculums like Mother Goose Time are chosen based on adaptability for multi ages and stages to learn together through fun themes.




As we finish off our Hero Camp theme we don’t feel like summer is over.  We’re still enjoying the summer sun as long as the weather lets us, then we’ll transition to fall fun. This fall some of our students are transitioning to elementary school or moving out of the area so there will be a couple spaces available for new friends to join in our learning adventures. If you live near Kingsley and would like your child to join contact me about enrollment.  More information about this highly rated program can be found through in our HANDBOOK or on our SCHEDULE page.  Information about all our programs can also be found by networking on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube… Find us, like us, join the Mi Families tree


click 2 read Partnership preschool information. Adventure Academy info found on our schedule page

*Many of the pictures in this article showcase Mother Goose Time curriculum materials from their Hero kit! Check back next week as we take a look at next months “back2school” theme and start preparing for fall

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Back2School Season

I walked into a store the other day and and was quickly reminded that July turned into August and August turned into Back2School sales! I love Back2School season. Like “New Years” it is a time to start anew and transition to the next stage.  As a mommy it’s a bitter-sweet time watching your kids transition to the next stage/age/grade levels.  As a teacher it’s hard saying goodbye to students who transition out of programs, but it’s also exciting meeting new students and planning new learning adventures. Mi Families (“my families”) LLC is planning some fun adventures for families and friends this fall.







Mi Families is prepping programs for provider trainings, parent workshops, family events and youth services.  New programs and schedules are developed each season.  As the fall season approaches the schedule is filling up quickly and enrollment is starting for our tots to teen programs. Sundays will be saved for special events, Mondays thru Saturdays there will be child care and tutoring options, EXCEPT Wednesdays – I’ll be offering services at the Northern Michigan Homeschool Partnership. Since I’m a busy teacher, and a mommy, some programs will be facilitated by others on the Mi Families-tree team.






Mi Families is growing members and team mates to keep up with program demands. If you have questions about our programs please email me at Christi@MiFamilies.com or network with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc… Social media is a super way to see what we’re about, but in todays world human interaction is super important so find out how you can participate – or sign up your child for our 2-12 year old services.  As summer camp winds down children will transition from various camp themes, such as “Hero Camp”, to Back2School themes such as “all about me, my family and friends.”







This week at Hero Camp we’re learning how we can all grow up to be heroes.  Some have ambitions to become community helpers, others are planning to discover super powers and fly in to the rescue with Superman and other famous heroes.  All our children’s curriculums are chosen based on open ended experiences and adaptability for different stages and learning styles.  One of the curriculums used is Mother Goose Time.  Many of the pictures in this article showcase materials from their hero kit.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MGT.  We have many other curriculums in our resource library.







Some curriculums and materials were purchased and some were offered for product review.  I’m often asked by teachers and homeschool parents what supplies I would recommend and I most encourage products that lead to open ended experiences and discoveries.  Products that encourage kids to “make a friend, make believe and make a mess” are the best teaching tools.  Products that encourage kids to be creative and be adventurous indoors and outside are what I recommend.  I also recommend you signing your kids up for Adventure Academy this fall! Our youth services are perfect for those who want to tryout “preschool,”  those young 5’s who aren’t ready for all-day-every-day kindergarten, and for those homeschoolers who want to get out with friends!






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