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…There’s more in store for 2024

2023 was an unpredictable year, but we still had lots of fun in all our programs. Here’s some pics of what we were up to the last half of the year … and info on what programs we’ll have starting

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2023 review & preview

Well the first half of 2023 sure did fly by! Mi Families – families kept busy enjoying unique programs for tutoring services, early education opportunities, tot thru teen electives like art and gym, and private field trips … Below are

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’22Yearbook &’23Programs

Here is what Mi Families programs looked like fall-winter 2022. Click pics for a better view – and scroll down for info on what programs will look like during our spring 23′ semester… February – May 2023 will be a

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’21Yearbook &’22Programs

As I prepare for the 2022-23 school year I thought I’d write an update …the plan for those asking what classes and programs we’re preparing for.  I think many are preparing for this school year with high hopes that we’re done

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Back2School * The chaotic FUN of2021

I’m sorry I haven’t posted program updates in a LONG time … The covid-choas kept changing program plans so we thought we’d wait to post updates til’ things calmed down. I’m not sure when that will be though so I’m

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NEW year = NEW programs

In 2020 Mi Families shut down with the rest of the world! We knew we would have to be creative when we re-opened programs to make sure everyone stayed safe and healthy … So the last half of the year

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Back 2 School 2

Time to finish up another adventurous summer.  Time to start an adventurous fall! Our family has outdoor adventures year round and this fall we’ve invited other families to join us. Mi Families programs will look a little different this fall as

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BACK 2 (home) SCHOOL?

Back to school season is looking very different this year. Even those who are planning to do the same school plan as years past will have to deal with changes.  Those planning to go back to traditional schools will have to

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The Covid Crisis

Sorry this blog wasn’t updated this past spring … I blame the covid crisis! All our spring and summer programs were canceled so we stuck to family fun at home most of the time, but found lots of safe ways

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Sorry there hasn’t been an update in months… In February it was recommended that we wait to release the spring schedule when the world figured out this corona-virus issue.  It’s now April and the world is still figuring it out, so

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