ADVENTURE ACADEMY is a year round education-through-recreation program.


This summer you’ll have 2 “Summer School” options:

Tutoring sessions Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays AND / OR our camp program Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Programs are designed for 2-12 year olds who are ready to make friends, make believe and make a mess!


Our hourly small-group tutor time sessions include:

(Mathematical and Musical) Mondays, (Free thought) Fridays (Lang/Arts) and (Super Science & Social Studies) Saturdays.


Our thematic summer camp program includes part time or full day options on

Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 8am to 6pm


This years tentative super-smart-summer camp schedule: Dates and themes will be updated ASAP



Monday, May 29th = Memorial day music and Tutor Time picnic (Tutor Time 10am-2pm)

Tuesday, 30th = Critter Camp teaches you to use your bug-brain (Camp 8am-6pm)

Wednesday 31st = CLOSED

Thursday, June 1st = Spring to Summer  camp transition (Camp 8am-6pm)

Friday, June 2nd =  Beach critters & sea shells (Tutor Time 9am-3pm)

Saturday 3rd = Kindergarten readiness screenings (Tutor Time 9am-3pm)


Sunday 4th = Sunday Family Funday (9am-9pm)


Monday, June 5th = Mathematical Monday Tutor time testing (Tutor Time 9am-3pm)

Tuesday 6th = Sun-fun safety, sunglasses & sunscreen (Camp 8am-6pm)

Wednesday 7th = Growing Garden sun+water discoveries (Camp 8am-6pm)

Thursday 8th = Green Geeks will be called upon the save the planet (Camp 8am-6pm)

Friday 9th = Reduce~Reuse~Recycle Research (Tutor Time 9am-3pm)

Saturday 10th = Clean Water science & social Saturday (Tutor Time 9am-3pm)


Sunday 11th = Parent’s Day Out (9am-9pm)


Monday 12th = Luau and Island Dancing Musical Monday (Tutor Time 9am-3pm)

Tuesday 13th =  Wind and Waves, sand and surf beach weather (Camp 8am-6pm)

Wednesday 14th =Be a captain and splish, splash, splosh with Boats & Floats (Camp 8am – 6pm)

Thursday 15th = Join us for adventures at Transportation Station (Camp 8am – 6pm)

Friday 16th = Construction Zone (& Donuts w/ DAD) will put your body and brain to work in construction zones fixing buildings, roads and waterways (Tutor Time 9am-3pm)


CLOSED Saturday June 17th THRU Thursday 22nd

Friday 23rd = Travel Bugs (hourly Tutor Time Sessions)

Saturday 24th = Social Science Saturday (hourly Tutor Time Sessions)

Sunday 25th = Resource Weekend (hourly resource hours available)

Monday 26th = Musical and Mathematical Monday (hourly Tutor Time sessions)

Tuesday 27th = Explore waterfalls and other water sources at Water World (Camp 8am – 6pm)

Wednesday 28th = Enjoy a coconut on the beach of Imagination Island (Camp 8am – 6pm)

Thursday 29th = Be one of the first to visit Ellis Island (Camp 8am – 6pm)

Friday 30th = Free thought Friday (hourly Tutor Time sessions)

Saturday, July 1st = Sunsets and Fireworks at Science & Social Studies Saturdays (hourly Tutor Time sessions)


Mon, Fri and Sat Tutor Time sessions will continue thru July and August.  Tues-Thurs Camp themes/schedules:

Adventure Academy is CLOSED Monday, July 3rd –  thru Wednesday, July 5th for Independence day celebrations

Thursday July 6th = USA HURRAY ! (Camp 8am – 6pm)


Tuesday 11th =  Follow a treasure map and dig through caves while exploring American Archaeology

Wednesday 12th = What wordly wonders will we unearth on Paleontology Planet as we learn about dinos, volcanos and more

Thursday 13th = Look Up,Up &Away to learn about our sky & things that fly


Tuesday 18th = Meet some alien friends at Space Camp

Wednesday 19th = Let’s Camp Out with nocturnal night life

Thursday 20th = Did you know that Nature Rocks…and Rolls


Tuesday 25th = Get ready to play GAME ON: Outside

Wednesday 26th = Get ready to play GAME ON: Team Time

Thursday 27th = Get ready to play GAME ON: with me, myself & I


Tuesday, August 1st = Start your job search at Occupation Station

Wednesday 2nd = Earn your badge at Safety School

Thursday 3rd =Design your cape at Hero Training


Tuesday 8th = Kids Kingdom: Royal hero facts

Wednesday 9th = Kids Kingdom: Fairytales

Thursday 10th = Kids Kingdom: Royal Ball


Tuesday 15th = Circus School: Music, Movement, and Me

Wednesday 16th = Circus School: Not just clowning around / Emotions and Expressions

Thursday 17th =  Circus School = Acrobats vs Acrobots / Healthy Hearts


Tuesday 22nd = Sensory Science

Wednesday 23rd = Super Scientists

Thursday 24th = Science Alive / Biology, Geography…


Tuesday 29th = Schools around the world: Social Sciences / social studies, history, language…

Wednesday 30th = School Store:  Math, geometry, time, money

Thursday 31st = Playing School: Art Smart


Adventure Academy is CLOSED Labor Day weekend * Fall schedule will start Monday, September 11th 2017 * Details posted mid summer

Our daily schedule will be flexible but generally follow our school year routine found on the schedule and menu page.

Instead of diving deep into long term themes that one can explore at length these mini-camp sessions are designed to introduce kids to various fun topics and keep their brains building all summer long without allowing time for boredom (should they discover it’s not a fave focus of theirs) but teach them how to learn more about each topic should they be interested in doing so.

Each unit is approached through summer camp fun but with academic enrichments covering subjects such as: art, music, language, reading, writing, math computation, time, money, geometry, engineering, science, geography, social studies, history, safety, and health lessons.  Such subjects can also be taught through tutor time sessions on: (Mathematical and Musical) Mondays, (Free thought) Fridays (Lang/Arts) and (Super STEAM, Science & Social Studies) Saturdays…

Adventure Academy also provides evaluation and referral services for developmental concerns.  Please email for more information on any of Adventure Academy or Mi Families programs.

To learn more about program specifics for Adventure Academy please read our handbook.

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