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FINALLY! We are finally crossing the finish line, dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s… My Family is excited to open our doors for Mi Families (“my families”) newest program – Adventure Academy.  Adventure Academy will be a unique program where recreation and education go hand in hand, where students learn by making discoveries – which sometimes means by making a mess! Adventure Academy is a home based center where students make believe and make friends.  Social emotional enrichment activities are at the core of our curriculum, which encourages resiliency, responsibility and respect.  We are excited to offer curriculums that are accredited around the globe and used in top rated school systems, but as stated in our last article – it’s not about the test scores – it’s about experiences that will help us determine which learning styles are best for each individual student.  Each individual student and their parents determine goals and what success means to them.


Parents are very important to the success of this program.  Parents no matter how defined (foster, guardian…) are encouraged to participate in the program planning and enjoy the accomplishments of their child.  Often schools have classroom moms who help with field trips or other activities, but Adventure Academy encourages both mom’s and dad’s to participate.  This isn’t another mommy and me program, dads and grandparents and siblings…the whole family is encouraged to participate.  Especially dads.  Too often dad’s are left out of children’s programming and that is wrong.  Dad’s are important.  Without the dad at this house, Adventure Academy wouldn’t even exist! The floors, walls, ceilings, shelves … he built it all! We are so thankful he took time out of his schedule to create our center.  We are so thankful he shares his gifts and talents with his family and encourages us to do the same.  Everyone has something to offer their family – to offer the programs their families are involved with – to offer beyond their home / community.


Dad’s have a lot to offer and are an integral part of teaching the core of our curriculum – that social emotional development piece.  Dad’s are important.  This Father’s day our only goal is to show the dad in this house how important he is.  Father’s day isn’t about buying dad a tie, but about reminding him that he is the core of this family.  Family means everything to the dad in this house and in many other homes. Father’s day is a celebration for those dads, but it can also be a hard day for many…  It can be hard for dad’s who have lost a child.  Even though the dad in this house feels blessed by the boys he holds, it doesn’t mean he misses the ones he lost any less.  Dad’s who have to split custody, men who wait to become fathers, children who wish for a father … just like Mother’s day it can be a sensitive time for many – but it’s still a day to thank the father figures in our lives and let them know they are important to us and to who we have become.


father and sons

Our children grow up to become mothers and fathers and parent like role-models. We help define who they become.  We teach them their first lessons on resiliency, responsibly and respect.  As parents and providers we are accountable for many life lessons even when other worldly behaviors make obstacles for such teachings.  Our children learn social and emotional resiliency from us.  Children learn how to become responsible citizens from us.  Children learn how to respect others from us.  Children learn how to treat themselves and others by how we treat ourselves and others.  Children learn how to be a friend, a teacher, a parent , a spouse from what we model.  Dad’s are important extra important because they teach boys boys how to treat girls.  Dad’s teach girls how boys are allowed to treat them…


Girls learn whether or not it’s ok for them to wear a princess gown, while taking a martial arts class from our responses to their interests.  How do you respond to boys who want to play with dolls? Research tells us that playing with dolls encourages children to grow into caring adults, yet the other day I heard a dad tell his son to “act like a man, not a little girl” while he cuddled a stuffed animal… Warning: Adventure Academy has stuffed animals.  Little boys are allowed to feed a baby a bottle and little girls are allowed to dress like spider man while climbing our rock wall.  If you are not comfortable with such scenarios I encourage you to research your beliefs in play and child development.  If you are looking for a program where it’s ok for boys to learn how to cook dinner and girls can build forts ~ or want to learn how to start such a program email me at


Just as curriculums are offered with intent for exploring different approaches to learning, so is our school house set up for exploring life skills.  No program should be based on one theory and each child, each family deserves a program designed for their needs and goals.  Adventure Academy encourages individualized learning through discovery and exploration.  To get an idea of what my own kids are up to as they learn through such methods watch the video (click link) below. It’s a past years yearbook as this year I haven’t had time to make one since we’ve been so busy having adventures!

If you’d like to join us for such adventures let me know…

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