Happy Home Days

Lots of people are planning winter celebrations and vacations, but lots more are planning on a quiet holiday at home.  believing “busy is better than bored” is a great mind-set, but by the end of the year a little boredom and a blanket sounds like a cozy Christmas.  Problem is that we can’t keep kids cooped up and cozy for their entire Yuletide break. Telling them to cuddle with a blanket and watch “It’s a Wonderful Life,” is probably not a wonderful idea. So the question is – how do you get your time to hibernate and relax while giving them fun-filled-festivities? How do you cope with the Christmas crazies…because that’s what is about to happen.  Kids are about to go crazy!


Christmas and calm are very rarely used in the same sentence … if it is at your house, than please tell us your secrets below in the comment section!  Truth is that most homes, schools, centers, churches… most of the places that kids are report very little calm and usually an up rise of chaos during the season. Whether that place celebrates Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza… holidays seem to bring more crazy than peace when kids are involved.  In fact many kids admit they feel overwhelmed with the activities and events.  Young children aren’t capable of anticipating the holiday itself. They are still working on their sense of tradition and understanding the “reason for the season.” Their schedules have changed, meal times are off and foods are different (often filled with hyper-addictive’s).  Kids feel parents are distracted as parents attentions are often on funds, gifts, relatives, cookies… So when you can-  involve your kids in the activities distracting you. Let them know of tasks you need to complete and enlist their help. Have them make cookies, sign cards, make decorations…



Have them make Christmas crafts to give as gifts.  Have them write out their gift-wish-lists!

gift guide

Relax as you tackle your “to-do’s”…don’t rush. Enjoy the time together. Enjoy the time indoors and outside.  Bundle up ~ a breath of fresh air might be just what you need to remind you of the magic. Tell your children what you remember most about being a child during the holidays. Teach them what you value most about the season.  Develop family rituals and celebrate heritage to encourage a sense of belonging. Schedule time to cuddle and you’ll all find that sense of peace.


Mi Families wishes you a peace throughout this holiday season no matter what holiday you observe.

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