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Time fly’s … when your having fun … and when you crazy busy because you’re a “work from home” mom with 3 kids: one who’s recovering from a concussion, one who’s learning to walk and getting into everything, and one who’s anxious about “back 2 school.”  Time flew because I just realized it’s August 31st, which means tomorrow is September 1st, which means “Back 2 School” season is here, fall is flying in fast and it’s about time I get ready for it!
I’m not ready! Because life is unpredictable and things like concussions happen, I’m still catching up from last week.  I’m still finishing up last weeks “to-do’s” and finishing last weeks curriculum.  We’re finishing off “Hero Camp” and preparing for our “all about me” unit.  We’re preparing for our homeschool-coop and other fall programs with sports and at church…  I’m preparing for my new daycare kiddos, tutor time programs, parent and provider workshops… it’s going to be a busy fall!
Fall will fly by, before we know it this year will be over.  It’s making me realize how fast this year is moving and how the hustle makes us forget to “stop and smell the roses” before the flowers fall with the season.  Stop and smell the roses, take hikes to view natures changes, spend time as a family playing outside, playing inside … play games, bake together, read out loud … As years fly by our kids seem to grow and be on the go…  Go with them while you can.  Go with them and ask questions about how they view their fast paced world.
Ask kids about what they see is going on in the world around them.  Many times they are over hearing news and are frightened by stories of storms in weather and between people.  Help them see the positives, help them find the helpers and the heroes in stories.  Help them find ways to be heroes.  My students have loved being heroes this month – from super heroes flying in to save the day, to community helpers cleaning up the area.  They want a clean, peaceful area to grow up in, help them clean it up, help them feel a part of their environment.
As we prepare environments for fall sessions I will prepare adult learning areas, kids kitchen cooking areas, a parent and me preschool classroom, my home child care and tutoring areas… As we prepare environments for learning I always ask for student input – even from my youngest learners.  I encourage students, even toddlers to trade out old toys in the playroom for new materials.  I empower older children to decorate with items they are interested in. I use interests and strengths to design learning areas to build confidence and excitement in learning.
I encourage students to add supplies to “Investigation Stations” where they can manipulate objects and use their senses and curiosities to learn more.  Stations are developed indoors and outside for building basic skills.  Stations are also developed with intent for flow of the room – how to keep kids safe – what new items I want students to find … As I open up our next months curriculum from Mother Goose Time I look for materials to add to our space – manipulatives I want students to find – circle time displays I want to utilize.
I choose curriculums based on how adaptable they are for the ages/stages I’m working with.  Mother Goose Time offers a great kit for students to explore.  The youngest kiddos are introduced to new concepts, while preschoolers enjoy a developmentally appropriate curriculum, yet even older students find the materials helpful for inspiring their creativity.  The open ended materials lead into deeper discussion topics and research projects that even older elementary students enjoy.
I choose various curriculums to meet the needs of various students and groups I work with.  You can find out more about the Mother Goose Time curriculum by visiting their website (click here), or joining us at our Parent Partnership Preschool or by sending your lil’ one to Adventure Academy.  Adventure Academy is one of Mi Families programs.  To learn more about Mi Families (“my families”) LLC programs and the other groups I facilitate visit, email, or find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube… (CLINK LINK for Adventure Academy walk through video)
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