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Mi Families (“my families”) is preparing for our winter semester – since it’s snowing outside while I write this!



We’re preparing for provider trainings, parent workshops, family events, and youth services.  Youth services include one-on-one tutoring sessions, as well as large and small group classes.  Classes are held in community buildings, such as the Northern Michigan Homeschool Partnership in Interlochen. We have about 200 (k-12) students enjoying elective courses in life skills, PE, music, art…



This semester my husband and I are teaching art classes, robotics, journalism, drama, movie making, self defense, and child development at the Partnership.  Myself and other team-members are also teaching daycare providers, teachers and parents various subject matters.  One of the subjects adults work on is child development and truly understanding the stages of the children in their care.



Our “education through recreation” programs are stage before age focused, meaning they are multi age designed to accommodate kids who are below or ahead of grade level. It is often the responsibility of the parent to decide which stage courses best meet their child. I do offer academic / developmental assessments upon request.



Most assessments are through authentic observation, meaning student’s are observed while working within groups or during one-on-one tutoring sessions.  Tutoring sessions are individually designed to help students master basic skills.  I also try and lesson plan for group activities with intent to observe each child’s skills and struggles.



To work on areas of struggle I focus on individual strengths and interests.  Often this means teaching through theme based units.  Right now my students are coming off their candy-high from Halloween and anticipating Thanksgiving dinner – so we’re focusing on our food groups, brushing our teeth, and other healthy habits.



This theme transitioned from our Mother Goose Time’s Orchard based curriculum.  As we get closer to holidays we’re moving into MGT’s transportation theme with an “over the river and through the woods” traveling unit.  MGT is a preschool curriculum that I often simplify for little learners and expand on for older students.



MGT is an easy to use curriculum that includes lesson plans, project materials, manipulatives, music, assessments… CLICK HERE to learn more about Mother Goose TimeCLICK here to learn more about Mi Families programs.  If you have any questions or would like to enroll a student for tutoring email Christi@MiFamilies.com.  You can also network with our team/members on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest…



2018_19_MGT_Themes * Click link on right for upcoming and past themes  …

… Non theme based programs / tutor time services (click for larger image) :


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