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Maybe the last article could’ve been shorter and posted in sections… but it must have been the right decision to post at once, because posting the 5 resolutions as a “packaged deal” led to some great feed- back and discussions.  Mi Families encourages open ended discussions… we also “encourage parents and providers to share resources, time and ideas with families…”  Therefore, we consider you a part of our team whether you simply read this article ~ or help out with our programs.  We want our programs, our team, to be viewed differently than the typical business SO our business plan shows that as our team continues to grow our programs wont.  … This is to make sure that all programs receive 110% ~ whether working with a family or center, facilitating for an organization or hosting a community event.


110% is the min quality one should expect from any company working with youth or families.  Sadly many programs are cutting back services only to save a buck – not to enhance what’s provided. Or programs are added to try and make an extra buck without regard to properly trained staff or proper scheduling needs. Now, in resolution #1 it says “Tell yourself that you DON’T haveta stick to your SCHEDULE,” but that doesn’t go for a business that meets the needs of others. Schedule changes should be minimum and the schedule should flow in a pattern that makes sense.  For example, if you can minimize a parents return trip and have appointments close together or at the same time for their kids – that makes sense! So that’s what we do.  We have flexible evening and weekend spaces available for events, as well as tutoring times.  We also offer homeschooling classes and co-ops… Contact Christi Morgan if you’d like to schedule an event, tutoring times or be a part of our co-op programs.  Also feel free to contact if you’d like help organizing a schedule for your family, center or homeschool.


example homeschool schedule

Most of our services are provided around the Grand Traverse area and surrounding counties, but Mi Families has provided statewide programs! Just let us know when and where and we will try and accommodate your request.  If we do not have a team member in your area I myself, the director, am willing to travel.  From Detroit to the Keweenaw I have lived and enjoyed working with families and providers.  I encourage all team members to make programs unique to the community they are serving.  Michigan pride means something different at each end.  Each end of our unique map has a different schedule of festivals and activities to enjoy.  Do you make the most of those experiences? If you’re at one end have you visited the other? What are you doing this weekend? Your challenge is to attend one of these:


There is something to appreciate and explore in each corner of our state and around the world.  Are you teaching the kiddo’s in your care to appreciate their community, state, and the world? Are you teaching appreciation for all people and their cultures? All people, all places hold a sense of time that’s important to them through holidays, rituals, festivities…  Everyone has their own schedules / agendas that give them a sense of belonging in a place, in a group.  What is your groups schedule? Although we stated in the last post that you don’t need to stick to it – schedules are a good place to start if you want to organize your 2014 life.  If you haven’t read (or started) the other recommendations on our resolution list ~ it’s never too late! To get you started – here is a goal worksheet you can print off and fill out with your family:


printable 8X10

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