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Mi Families (“my families”) LLC is officially in our fall semester with programs for children, parents and providers underway.  This week we’ve been busy with “parent and me” programs, educational child care services, tutor time groups and one-on-one sessions… Next week we’ll add our annual Family Super Hero School to the schedule.  This years hero class teaches parents and their children CPR and AED skills.  These safety lessons are obviously important, but watching kids learn with their parents about any topic is always a wonderful opportunity.





Mi Families facilitates family events, workshops and playgroups encouraging parents to learn with their child.  As children grow it’s important to teach them that we never stop learning – and that we enjoy learning.  Family support is the number one key to academic success and conquering developmental milestones throughout life.  Supportive friends also help us reach our goals.  Learning how to make friends and navigate social/emotional stages is also taught through interactions with our families.





Some families enjoy our tutor time programs together.  Parents learn new ways to approach subject matters and take home tools to use after each session.  All of our tutor time programs are individualized (even in group settings), but all have worked through common themes these first couple weeks.  We’ve been learning about how we are each unique and how we can share our talents with others.  We’ve discussed struggles and made goals to overcome obstacles.  We’ve discussed how family and friends impact our struggles and our strengths.





Students have access to many wonderful curriculums through our programs.  Many of our students enjoy Mother Goose Time.  Mother Goose Time provides a theme based kit that’s adaptable for different ages and stages, and offers flexible lesson plans.  Lesson plans can be scheduled however it works best for your programming.  Since I have different types of programs I can use one day bag and lessons for a full day program or use various parts of the program in our 1 hour playgroups.





During playroups we have 20mins of playtime as friends arrive.  On the tables you’ll find a new toy, manipulative or sensory activity with ideas how to use the materials for teaching concepts to your little ones.  Then we clean up for 20mins of circle time, which includes activities like the calendar, weather, songs and stories.  The table toys and circle time all build up to the daily theme, ending our last 2o mins with parent projects… Cutting and glueing, painting, playing games, etc with their child.





Full day programs include breakfast, playtime, learning time, lunch, nap, snack, playtime, learning time … learning times have daily themes such as “Musical Mondays” and “Saturday Science…” Yes we’re open Saturdays! Depending on the program your looking at to meet the needs of your family (or families you work with), Mi Families has flexible scheduling.  Currently we have only a couple (part time) spaces remaining in our Adventure Academy program for early education and elementary tutoring.





If you’d like to enroll your child in our educational child care or set up tutor time email  Also feel free to email if you have questions regarding our parent or provider programs. More information can also be found at If you’d like to network with our team or other families find us on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn… If you’d like to learn more about Mother Goose Time CLICK HERE! (Many images used in this article showcase MGT supplies. Click pics for larger details)



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