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Mi Families facilitates programs for families and those who work with families – such as daycare providers and teachers.  Mi Families facilitates programs for infants through grandparents – with a focus on parent partnerships.  Parent partnerships include resourceful connections and communication with providers.



Mi Families facilitates provider trainings, parent workshops and youth services – such as tutoring and child care.  This summer there is part time / hourly youth services available.  Child care includes thematic activities and outdoor adventures.  Tutoring is also theme based and filled with education through recreation!



Last week our theme centered around Fathers Day.  Some years this has been tricky because of family dynamics – but we found ways to focus on father-figures and encourage dad day activities.  Mi Families is sensitive to all family differences and parent partnerships mean we include all parents.  This isn’t just another “mom’s club.”



Many programs offer wonderful mom club benefits, but today’s families often include dad’s who want to be involved or dads who can’t be – or grandparent led families or foster families … All families have different needs and strengths and our focus is on individual strengths.



All families have different homes, that celebrate their individual and unique cultures and traditions.  This week we talked about families, about our homes and our communities.  We branched off family trees and also home trees showing how homes connect to communities then the city and county and state and country.



As we get closer to the 4th of July we’ll be learning more about our country and the different cultures and traditions within our “melting pot.”  We’ll be learning about the different regions around the USA and making summer bucket lists.  Even if they aren’t summer vacations we can travel to – we can learn about them!



If your child would like to learn with us through small group activities or one-on-one lessons please email – feel free to email to inquire about our parent partnerships or provider trainings as well.  Or visit for more information about our programs.



ALSO visit to learn more about a fun open-ended preschool curriculum. Their curriculum is open-ended enough that it can be adapted for younger children to learn new concepts, while older students expand on unit studies.  Each month has a main theme with 20 subthemed days, as well as a bonus day of activities – which was Fathers Day this month and photos in this article showcase the Father’s Day materials we utilized!





CLICK developmental services to learn more about our youth programs!

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