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The kids at Adventure Academy are loving our current rhyming theme.  Mother Goose Time (click for information) has helped us learn all subject matters through nursery rhymes.  We’ve done ABC rhymes and 1-2-3 rhymes, we’ve used rhymes to discuss BIG things and little things… We’ve used rhymes about well know characters and rhymes about famous girls and boys… Even rhymes about food. All our rhymes were picked for a reason.




This month our reason has been assessments.  Last week I mentioned that one of the programs Mi Families (“my families”) LLC provides – through the youth services at Adventure Academy – is assessments.  Parents (and providers) request such authentic assessments because they have been proven to be more accurate from natural observations over time, instead of being administered through tests.




One way to guide observations is by offering activities that provide the child with an opportunity to show their the development throughout different domains.  Mother Goose Time offers assessment materials for teachers, as well as other top rated curriculums we utilize.  This month our MGT rhyme kit provided plenty of opportunities to explore rhyming through literature based activities, as well as math supplies and other open ended learning tools.





Something as simple as a recipe card provided insight into motor skill development and how well the child could follow directions … if a child could guess and test out their science predictions… Math skills were used in measuring and mixing.  Language skills were assessed through reading abilities and discussions… We used sensory input and art / color knowledge… We even ended up with a lesson on matter and mass and volume.  Early ed through elementary ed students worked and played together for hours during such activities.




Some observations are noted during group interactions and other times skills are assessed during one-on-one tutor time sessions.  Adventure Academy has a couple spaces left for tutor time spots and child care services at our Kingsley location.  If your looking for specific assessment and referral services or part time programming email  Feel free to email also if you are looking for parent or provider programs.




Although it’s snowing outside we are currently planning out our summer programs for families and those who work with families.  Our Adventure Academy summer school program is preparing for fun in the sun with education through recreation activities. More information about our year round services can be found at or through our social media sites: LinkedIN, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube… or by clicking “subscribe” above.



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