Safari Animal Adventure





hang up your stuff and come play


Sam leads circle time

This week Adventure Academy has been gone on Safari.  Instead of hibernating like our local bears, we left snow filled northern-Michigan to visit the animals of Africa. We roared like the lions, sprayed water like elephants, wrestled with rhinos, raced zebras and grew as tall as giraffes!


More Math – MGT workbook


More Literacy – MGT workbook


some of MGT day7 supplies


MGT – I can read book

We utilized the “Wild Safari Animals” unit from Mother Goose Time in combination with random animal toys, manipulatives, puzzles, books, etc from our own resource library.  Safari animal studies led to comparisons of animals across the globe.  While little ones separated land, water and sky animals, older students studied creature habitats and survival skills.


MGT Rhino activities & lesson plan


MGT Rhino puzzle


after doing puzzle – they wanted to make one!


home-made turtle and giraffe puzzles

Children old and young used their imaginations together, and were encouraged to utilize the materials and supplies in creative ways.  Simple observation showed 1-12 year olds using their animal interests to work on reading and writing skills, developing social studies and scientific understandings, creating patterns and exploring other math concepts…


7 kids working hard


MGT zebra craft


MGT pattern puzzle

As much as a I schedule subject matters into our daily routine – often the best educational experiences happen when I leave learning objectives out of the equation.  While working with literally hundreds of children across more than 2 decades, and in very diverse settings, I have seen learning beyond book smarts happen when you provide time to simply explore concepts with others.


shapes, sounds… great safari animal book


so much learning


animal puzzle book

Adventure Academy is different than most child development centers, as ages 1-12 learn through play together.  A balance of child guided and teacher provided activities offer small group interactions with individualized instruction.  Developmentally appropriate activities and top rated curriculums encourage the students to not only survive, but thrive in today’s world.


MGT Giraffe craft


MGT animal manipulatives


MGT manipulatives = pattern time


sometimes our playroom is clean…sometimes it’s not!

If you’d like your child to join in our adventures we do have some hourly and full day spots available.  Please email for more information.  Feel free to email with questions regarding the other programs Mi Families facilitates as well as the curriculums we use for such programs – such as Mother Goose Time for our preschoolers. Feel free to track Christi Morgan down on Linked in and follow Mi Families on our social sites: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube… ALSO please subscribe to see what we’re learning about next.  THANKS

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