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Mi Families (“my families”) programs were on break recently as my family took our summer vacation.


Before we left (and after we returned) we continued learning more about our “blue world”  … Traveling across blue waters and exploring the blue skies.


We talked about watching the sky for weather and uses for water in our everyday lives. We enjoyed lots of water activities!


Kids learn best through hands on activities that stimulate their senses.  We used water in ways that required looking, listening, feeling, tasting, even smelling.


We used small and large motor skills to learn more about waterways, flying and land transportation.


Mi Families often receives special discounts for field trips, where families can continue building on such lessons.


Even the fair counts as a field trip when you consider it a continuation of transportation themed lessons.  From swings to space travel…


Fairs and other summer adventures are a great way to stimulate ones senses.  Sometimes it’s sensory overload!


During summer stimulation it’s important to also find time to disconnect from the world and relax unplugged.


My own kids didn’t ask for tv or computers once while out camping in Michigan’s upper peninsula.


Without any structured lessons or field trips they continued to learn a great deal while exploring “the blue.”


They explored the great lakes and rivers and waterfalls – and the creatures and sand and rocks below the surface.


Mi Families has lists of FREE family fieldtrip ideas to such locations.  Email for more information.


Also feel free to email regarding group field trips and upcoming fall programs for families – and those who work with families.


From infant playgroups and parent&me preschool activities, to elementary classes and teen services,  to family events, provider workshops…


Kids, adults, and multiage programming is being scheduled for the 2018-19 school year.  I can’t believe it’s already August!


Luckily there’s still lots of summer adventures across our state with forts, and fairs, and other fun family field trips to explore.


As students enroll for fall programs their summer stories will help us start lesson plans based on their adventures and interests.


Many students want to learn more about the animals they saw on vacations, and learn about upcoming seasonal and holiday themes.


Using seasonal and holiday themes for lesson planning keeps kids engaged as they can apply the lessons to every day life moments.


Theme curriculums are great for simplifying concepts for the littlest learners and expanding on unit studies for older students.


Mi Families has many wonderful curriculum options, such as Mother Goose Time’s themed kits… which we utilize in during 1on1, small and large group programs.


Our NEW fall programs are being designed with an “education through recreation” approach, intended to make learning fun!


Click  AUGUST18 to see the fun learning we’ll have in our mini camps for the rest of this month.  There are still a couple part time spots if you know a kiddo who’d like to finish off the summer with us- as we move from our sensory summer activities to summer stories and fall folktales/fables!

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