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This spring Mi Families has focused on a theme all about growing.  From growing our team and programs, to pointing out the positive growth in each family and child we work with. One of Mi Families (“my families”) child-focused programs is Adventure Academy – a tutoring and childcare home-based-center in Northern Michigan. Adventure Academy has been observing each students growth and providing activities teaching about the growth of all living things as we watch our corner of the earth grow and change around us.  From blooming flowers to caterpillars that morph into butterflies…




All living things need water to grow. This spring month we’ve been enjoying Mother Goose Time’s “Bubbles, boats and floats” curriculum.  From water sources, to water travel, to washing with water – we’ve been busy making a mess then cleaning it up with bubbles! Our students learn by making a mess, make believing and making friends.  Although we teach with many supplies provided by curriculum kits, materials are often left out to manipulate and explore without a specific learning objective.  Watching infants thru pre teens problem solve without teacher interaction often provides the best lessons and observations.





Simply watching helps teachers identify student needs, as well as showcase a students interest and ability.  Simply providing diverse materials encourages students to try new skills without intimidation.  Students begin teaching peers and building confidence.  Students show they understand concepts in all subject domains through using their senses.  Using our 5 senses strengthens areas of reading and writing, math, social studies, the sciences… Spring is filled with scientific discovery! Things inside and out can be smelled, tasted, seen, heard and touched.





Since many children learn best by doing and using their hands we spent time this week exploring textures.  We spent time touching objects indoors and outside and describing our findings.  We described physical components of science and types of matter: Solid, liquid and gas.  Water is a great way to learn about matter – from frozen, to wet, to evaporation we were able to watch and feel such attributes, while doing activities such as eating popsicles and blowing bubbles. We used our senses to answer why water is important.




Why do we need water? Why do flowers need water? Why do animals need water? What animals only live in water?  If it were a bit warmer we’d practice being fish at the beach – but it’s not quite beach weather yet – especially with snow in the weekend forecast! Still it’s spring and we’re having fun in the sun when it’s available, and learning about need for a rainy spring weather when stuck inside.  Indoor and outdoor adventures will continue for awhile longer – then Adventure Academy will be on Summer vacation!





Adventure Academy will re open next fall with more adventures and we are starting our lesson prep and enrollment process now! If you know a child near Kingsley who would like to explore with us please email Christi@MiFamilies.com.  If your interested in learning more about the different programs Mi Families facilitates please check out our website www.MiFamilies.com.  If you’d like to network with our team feel free to follow us on our social media sites – LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube… Here’s a lil’ YouTube clip from one of our lil’ friends:

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