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Spring is a transition season… not yet hot, but no long freezing. Many love the transition seasons of spring and fall, especially in Michigan with the changing colors of leaves falling or flowers growing.  Spring is a transition season where Mi Families, LLC focuses on growth.  Mi Families (“my families”) offers year round programming for families and those who work with families. Throughout the year we offer hands on thematic programs for all ages.  Adventure Academy is the program designed for our youngest members (0-12year olds) and we’ve been busy observing the growth of our students and the world around us as April transitioned to May.





In April we focused on Easter, eggs and birds.  Birds transitioned to other animals and habitats, and we’re now transitioning to our focus on bugs.  One of the curriculums we’ll be using in our multi-age classroom is Mother Goose Time, who just sent us our “bugs and crawly things” box.  As we un-boxed this months kit we planned out how we’d move from birds to bugs.  Young children were introduced to new topics as older students discussed how birds live in nests, people live in houses, and all living things have unique habitats. The students themselves planned a transition from “April showers bring May flowers… May flowers bring bees and other bugs.”





Adventure Academy students discussed how they would like to transition from one unit to the next and problem solved how to incorporate all subjects into daily lesson plans.  Birds led to nests in trees which led to other things that live in trees, including bee hives and where else can bees live… Bee’s led to other bug homes such as a spiders web and an ant hill.  Next week we’ll start our BUG ABC’s starting with “all about ants.” I love watching the wheels turn in students heads as I offer theme studies and let students decided the order to approach each topic.  Students are excited to learn when given the opportunity to lead their own educational adventure.





Adventure Academy is full for our spring learning adventures, but we have a couple part time spaces left for our summer camp and tutoring sessions.  Email Christi@MiFamilies.com for more information on our summer programs or other Mi Families programs.  Also feel free to visit www.MiFamilies.com or visit us on our YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn sites. Mi Families is reaching out with resources across Michigan and online – Looking for a particular resource? Email Christi or msg us below! Looking for an easy to use curriculum that can be adapted for multi-ages and stages? Check out Mother Goose Time.






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