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And just like that, the next school season has started. Every fall I find myself asking how summer flew by so quickly – but as we head into this next fall season I feel as if I completely skipped summer this year! Being on bed rest for most of it was not much fun, but at least I enjoyed lotsa cuddles with my new baby, and at least I had friends and family willing to take our big boys out on summer adventures. As we re-open Adventure Academy we plan out what adventures our family will take next summer and plan out adventures for our family and for our lil’ friends this fall.


*FRIDAY 23rd change = APPLE PICKING Field Trip

Adventure Academy is the name of our child-care and tutoring program.  Mi Families LLC (“my families”) has various programs for families and those who work with families across the state, but due to the needs of my own family I’ve had to find more consultants for programs further away and focus more on this adventurous program within my home.  I’m proud to say it’s the highest rated child care around and we have the highest success rates with our tutoring curriculums.  We have limited full day and part time spaces left for our fall session so email if you know a student who’d like to join in our learning adventures!


(Setting up MGT materials)



We’re starting this session learning about ourselves, our family and our friends.  We use top rated curriculums, including Mother Goose Time, and set up our environment to support each sessions theme.  Indoors and outside our supplies are selected to encourage choices and and rotated to encourage trying new materials. Although supplies are rotated the layout remains the same to support the multi-age teaching format and encourage independence. Below is a video showcasing our 1-room-school-house.

Our library video needs to be updated,  but shows the plethora of books, games, manipulates and teaching materials we have ready to further our investigations into each theme and study unit.  Once upon a time it was my husbands office, but as our supplies and materials grew we found ourselves needing the space (and now the poor guy has no office!).  The students loved the idea of a library.  It is a quiet retreat from the busy playroom next door.  Sometimes you’ll find older students enjoying some alone time while reading on the couch, or playing a board game with a friend – where lil’ ones can’t get at the small pieces.

Although it is a multi-age classroom we make time for all age group activities and activities set aside for specific age ranges.  My sons (Alex 10 & Sam 8) love to help prepare for activities.  They love learning from students of higher skill levels and love teaching to those who are not yet at their level.  Adventure Academy focuses on stage, rather than age, and each student may be at a different level for each subject.  As students visited last week to meet us or reacquaint themselves with the environment they all seemed ready to start the new school year.


(Organizing MGT portfolios)



We’ve been preparing our schedule for the new term and learning about schedules and times.  We’ve been discussing the different ways the students will travel to our home, their home and other schools / programs they are in. We have been reviewing how to travel safely, about school safety and learning about CPR and First Aid.  Each summer Adventure Academy (& Mi Families) will host a full-family safety and emergency care class.  Email the address above to learn more about getting your family certified! Subscribe up on the right to learn about other opportunities through Mi Families.





You can be a part of the family by liking us / following us on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube… My profile can be found on Linked In… My mission through Mi Families is reaching out with resources – through educational and recreational programs.  Please let me know if any of the programs offered can benefit your family or the families you work with.  Please let me know if you have ideas on other programs you’d like to see offered or if you’d like to be a part of our family by helping facilitate such programs.




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