My maternity leave

My maternity leave is coming to an end.  Although most mommies take a longer break, most mommies don’t get to do most of their work from home … with their baby and big kids at home too! I love the job I’ve created within Mi Families.  “My families” facilitates programs for families and those who work with families.  Our programs are designed to “reach out with resources” through educational and recreational activities.  Programs such as provider trainings, family events and youth services are offered in schools, daycare centers, churches, family homes … my home.  My home is registered as a childcare and as a non-public-school. Infants through teens visit our home for quality care, developmental services, and tutoring programs using top-rated curriculums.  I’m proud to say these programs are the highest rated programs around!


for adventure academy ratings check out Great Start

Our home based program is named “ADVENTURE ACADEMY.”  I’m currently planning our fall adventures for inside the home, across our 5acres and for out on field trips.  We’re starting September with a theme of “me, my friends and my family ” (with help from Mother Goose Time). Everyone participating in any of the Mi Families programs is a part of the family.  In understanding that not all families are a “nuclear unit”, Mi Families works with non-traditional families, blended families, teen parents, single parents, grandparent led homes, adoptive homes, foster homes… Every home, every family, every individual has different needs, strengths, interests… Mi Families embraces such differences and Adventure Academy uses such differences to individualize learning.


papa loves all 16 grandchildren

Everyone learns differently and everyone comes from a different home, culture and background.  I try and teach my children and the children I work with to not judge people because of the differences.  I don’t judge the reasons people request or are referred for services.  I don’t judge when a new mom has to go back to work and is searching for someone to care for her baby.  Too many people seem to want their opinions heard regarding if a mom should work or stay at home – luckily I can do both – but many can’t and many don’t have an option.  Too often people want their opinions heard regarding if a mom is choosing to breast feed or bottle feed her baby… if her baby was born naturally or needed a c-section…


lil’ sisters baptism

I believe most mom’s (most parents) are just doing the best they can with the situation they are in AND making the best decision they can based on their resources and options.  I didn’t have an option how my babies were born.  Because of something called Chiari I had to have a c-section.  I couldn’t even be awake and my husband couldn’t be in the operating room.  Of course I wish my delivery options were different, but I have 3 kids who wouldn’t be here without the option I had.  All of my pregnancies had various risk factors and all my babies had various needs … I wanted to do it all “by the books,” but some of those needs led to me having to feed one prescription formula, while nursing the others.  Some needs led to developmental services helping my kids reach milestones…


our classroom

Some needs led to a decision to homeschool my boys, while working from home and although some have made their homeschooling opinions known – their opinions don’t matter.  What matters is that I’m a mom doing all I can to make sure my children stay healthy, happy…get a quality education…make friends… What matters is that I’m doing all I can to make sure I’m on the same page with their dad and we’re a team on such decisions – actually that we’re co coaches and that this family is a team and we discuss together what directions are best for all of us.  We believe that each family has a different path and that path might change and that path might lead you to our door. We believe that your family is a part of our family when we work together to help your children stay healthy, happy…get a quality education…make friends…



Making friends, make believing and making a mess is part of our learning adventure.  If your child would like to join in such learning adventures with our discovery daycare kiddos or with other elementary explorers tutoring program email – there are limited part time spaces left available for our fall session.  Also email if you’d like to discuss our parent and provider services.  Feel free to find us on LinkedIN, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube… also feel free to subscribe above to read up on our future adventures. School starts soon – even baby is going “back 2 school” this year.  My boys are excited to teach their new little sister and work with our friends who are returning and meet new friends as well!


New friends and their families … and returning friends and their families … and parents and providers … everyone involved in Mi Families programs gets free resources.  From learning supplies to referral contacts every participant gets a resource portfolio to keep.  For our students this means a binder to keep their work saved in with daily notes and information about child development, etc… Students can join us for hourly sessions or full day programming.  Parents love our flexible childcare hours, including evening and weekends … and our infant and toddler developmental services.  Preschoolers, young 5’s and kindergarteners love our early learner activities. Traditionally schooled and homeschooled friends love our tutoring sessions and small group events.  Providers love our hands on trainings…  If you’d love to be a part of Mi Families – family – contact me about enrollment!



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