bears & building basic skills



Big bears, middle bears, little bears … red bears, blue bears, green bears, yellow bears … 1 bear, 2 … look at all the things these bears can do.


Bears hibernate in the winter. When it’s too cold to play outside we need need to hibernate too.  But kids can’t rest all day!


We play with our inside gym equipment and dance around to get our wiggles out and build up muscles and build up our motor skills.


We play with learning toys to tire out our brains and build up our basic skills. This week we focused on math skills.


This week we were stuck indoors a couple days, so we continued learning about bears and hibernation and ways we stay warm in the winter.


We read stories by our fake “fire” and built shelters for us and our animal friends to stay warm.


Building with blocks is one of the best learning tools.  Using toy tools adds to the learning experience.


Adventure Academy has many different type of building toys and other learning toys, puzzles, games…


Adventure Academy teaches through hands on learning adventures.  Our adventures are indoors and outside and on field trips.


Adventure Academy is our educational child care and tutoring program for tots to teens in Northern Michigan.


Adventure Academy is one of the programs offered through Mi Families LLC (“my families”).


Mi Families has programs for families and those who work with families.



Learn more about us at  Email to enroll your children at Adventure Academy.



Adventure Academy has limited spaces available for our winter 2017 session.

We have fun adventures planned and have begun lesson planning with the help of Mother Goose Time curriculum. Mother Goose Time is a fun thematic curriculum that includes art activities and more. Many pictures above showcase MGT materials!

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