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It’s cold and “beginning to look a lot like Christmas” outside, but that shouldn’t keep you indoors.  Everyone needs the fresh air and there are snowy adventures to have! Adventure Academy is planning winter adventures away from our center and inside our multi-age-classroom all month long.




We transitioned from our career unit to talking about working in stores and being elves in Santa’s workshop and other Christmas job – including being helpful reindeer. We talked about animals that enjoy the snow and animals that do not – which led to lessons on “adaptation, migration and hibernation.”



The kids loved playing with animals this week and helping them prepare for winter.  Our Mother Goose Time curriculum sends enough materials to keep us busy all month long making crafts, playing games and using manipulatives.  This months counting bear manipulatives and containers (“bear caves”) are a classroom favorite.




Younger students enjoy simply playing with the bears, while our middle ages use them for separation by color, size and amount.  Older kids have been using them in problem solving and weighing activities.  All kids help count out the days on the calendar using our manipulatives.



As our calendar fills up with winter pattern pics we are also counting down the days until Christmas.  Christmas songs are enjoyed daily at circle time, using voices, instruments and dancing.  Dancing is a great way to get the wiggles out if we are stuck inside due to the weather being too cold for safe play.



If we’re stuck inside we enjoy our indoor gym equipment and enjoy activities such as animal actions.  We take breaks often to release energy and work on large motor skills – we also take time to work on small motor skills using manipulatives, playing games and making crafts.




Painting animal tracks through our snow paint, playing house, reading books … we are busy with active and calm learning activities all day long.  We are starting to plan out our daily activities for 2017 if you know a child who’d like to join in the fun.  Adventure Academy is for tots to pre teens in Kingsley, Michigan.




Adventure Academy is one the youth programs offered through Mi Families, LLC.  Mi Families (“my families”) has programs for all the ages in your family.  Mi Families offers educational and recreational opportunities for parents and providers across Michigan (and beyond through social media).



Find us on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn… Subscribe above to see what activities and events we’re up to and learn more about us at www.MiFamilies.com.  Learn more about Mother Goose Time and other curriculums we use and programs we offer by emailing Christi@MiFamilies.com.


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