Bees, Butterflies, Birthdays, Bubbles…


B activities include BIKES


chalk art


spring = chalk

The sunshine has finally woken up our part of the globe! The earth around us is in BLOOM as flowers grow and we count the BUDS growing on our tree BRANCHES.  We’ve been observing spring growth and spring life by following BUGS and looking for BEES and BUTTERFLIES… We’ve been enjoying the Mother Goose Time currriculum for “Bees and Butterflies” and getting ready to explore next months “Bubbles, Boats & Floats” package. We always find a way to transition smoothly into our next theme – this week we’ve continued our celebration of Earth Day and focused on taking care of our land and waterways.




Bubbles & boys


Ball = b activities … it’s Blue too 😉

We learned about the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and reasons why we should care about saving the earth. For nature, the animals and all people to live and grow – we need to care! From BEES to BABIES everything needs a clean world to survive and thrive in. As we thrive and grow we celebrate – BIRTHDAYS are a great reason to celebrate.  When students have to spend their special day with us we try and make it a celebration all day.  We do birthday activities and even use BAKING as part of our school day.


Birthday homework


baking birthday cake!


big kids read directions – lil ones follow them !

From baking cakes, to doing worksheets, making crafts, playing games, exploring outside … every activity has a learning purpose and we try and find the beauty in it.  Yes, beauty even in a worksheet – “You made a beautiful pattern with those colors…” While building blocks “What a beautiful castle you created…” While on a hike “Look at the beautiful BIRD!” Everything is a piece of art and each student is an artist and each artist learns to appreciate the art around them.  Art is the masterpiece of our eARTh!


frosting = complicated small motor activity


sprinkle time


CANDLES for our 4year old friend!

Art is the center of everything on eARTh and everything we create and do – from painting to playing.  Art is enjoyed when we play make-believe, when we read a story, when we sing a song, when we dance to the music … Art is creating and making things that show off your personality and interests and talents.  Art is not about our struggles or needs, but it is a time to shine in our differences.  Many curriculums include “art” that helps assess a students ability to follow directions and master small motor activities, but there needs to be time to create ones own vision.


painting the earth – blue and green


Mother Goose Time – MM&L workbooks


creating books about washing w/ water

From creations to exploration what is your student learning from the activity?  Is the purpose defined while you set up the lesson plan or do you have time set aside to see where the students lead the activity?  In getting ready for the warmer weather and water activities I left a tote with a hose, soap and rags near a couple outside toys that had winter-funk on them, but didn’t image the bubble bath my yard turned into.  The activity ended up doing more than cleaning up the toys as it taught bubble science, measuring math, language and social skills…organization skills…water conservation…


bubble buckets


clean toys

I challenge you to simply leave out a few supplies and materials and observe – not interact or guide in any way (unless of course someone is getting hurt in the process!!!).  I challenge you to mix up your days with different kinds of art exploration – from sensory, to music, to make believe, to art scraps… and see what ways the children learn best in your group.  Even my own children learn differently from each other.  The tots to teens who visit us for daily adventures all have activities designed for their learning styles. Individualized lessons are incorporated easily in our multi-age program!


make believe


book buddies

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