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We’re only half way through the first month of the new year and 2017 is already proving to be busy.  Very busy.  Mi Families has been growing team members to meet the needs of our growing programs.  One of our ever growing programs is Adventure Academy.  Mi Families (“my families”) LLC has programs for providers and parents , and of course for our youngest of family members.  Adventure Academy is our youth program for infants through teenagers. Currently we have a couple part time openings for tots to pre-teens in our child care and tutoring services.



This week Adventure Academy continued exploring winter adventures – specifically adventures of Michigan Wildlife during our snowy months.  We talked about animal adaptation, hibernation and migration.  We noticed that not all birds migrate south and many stay in Northern Michigan.  We talked about the different types of birds in the area and how they survive the weather and how they find food.  Since some of our sweet kiddos were worried about the birds finding food – we made some pinecone feeders (simply covered cones w/ pb and roll in seed then hung outdoors).



We noted one morning that the extra bird seed scattered outside was gone and wondered if owl’s enjoyed a midnight snack.  We learned about owls and other nocturnal animals.  We discussed traits of different animals and how they differed in appearance and texture.  The kids got realllllllly into texture studies and we spent a great deal this past week exploring winter wildlife with our senses.  Indoors and outdoors we investigated and researched using our 5 senses – especially touch. After all, kids learn best through hands on discoveries.



Adventure Academy uses top rated curriculums for our students educational development.  One curriculum we adapt for all ages is Mother Goose Time, which is designed for preschoolers, but all ages enjoy the hands on activities provided each month.  This months theme is baby animals and next week we’ll transition from learning about winter wildlife to baby animal life.  As this week ended we started transitioning with learning through play activities focused on the difference between wildlife, pet life and farm life.



Each day we explore toys based on the theme and then discuss the theme during circle time – then wrap up the lesson doing a craft, game or other activity during “brain builders.” Brain builder’s are what we call the time spent learning skills that relate to one’s self help skills, large or small motor development, academical development, social emotional growth, etc… We might do reading and writing activities or build on math skills, learn about social studies concepts or science… Mother Goose Time is a curriculum that includes all such activities in 1 box.



While little ones are introduced to new concepts by themes such as “baby animals” – our middle kids build skills on such lessons and our older students research more in-depth on the topic, and teach their younger peers building confidence and encouraging independent study habits.  We currently have students 6months thru 10years of age in our winter program and have a couple part time spaces remaining.  We’ll be opening up more spaces in our spring and even summer programs soon!




2017 will surely fly by with all the thing we have planned for Mi Families programs.  To learn more about our programs visit www.MiFamilies.com.  To enroll your child in our Adventure Academy program (located btwn Cadillac and Traverse City, MI) email Christi@MiFamilies.com.  To network with other parents or providers involved in our programs find us on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn… Is there somewhere else online you’d like us to be? Let us know! Have a topic you’d like us a to discuss on these articles – share ideas below!



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