A new year, new month, new week, new day…

Adventure Academy is back to our normal schedule / routine – but it’s a new year filled with new adventures and activities for our students! Every day is filled with learning from an education through recreation approach.  Indoors and outside we discover and explore the world around us while learning basic skills.


From self help skills to classroom subjects – infants through pre teens work together through theme based lessons. We have been reviewing winter weather concepts and how we have fun and stay warm and safe in the snow. We are also discussing how animals have fun and stay warm and safe in the snow. Even toddlers have been talking about adaptation, migration and hibernation.


Today’s wind chill is below zero in northern Michigan so we’re being hibernating bears! We’ve been learning about how other animals keep cozy in our areas and how they keep their baby animals bundled.  Next week we’ll learn more about animals and their babies. Animals are a theme loved by all.


Most of our thematic study units come from the Mother Goose Time curriculum.  Many of the pictures posted on here showcase their materials.  MGT materials include crafts, books, recipes, etc to keep you busy all day long. Although our daily activities change often our routine stays the same.


Every morning kiddos join us at our home-based location and enjoy quiet activities til’ everyones awake and/or in attendance.  Then we have breakfast followed by free play.  After free play we come together to talk about what we worked on during free time and what we’ll learn about in todays lessons.


After circle time and some “brain building” activities we head outside for fresh air if the weathers nice and work up an appetite for lunch.  After lunch is “literacy links” while we get ready for resting.  During rest time our big kids (homeschool and tutor time students) work on expanding the daily lesson or complete other homework assignments until the little ones wake.


“Math moments” are set up for waking kids then we have a snack and play and learn some more til’ kids get picked up or until we start preparing for dinner time.  Some kids join us for evening activities or therapeutic services like working on those self-help skills and helping prepare dinner! Kids in the kitchen is always a fun time.


As the day winds down my own kids get one-on-one attention and help me come up with more fun activities to do the next day.  If the next day has little ones joining us it’s easy prep because MGT provides daily activities in individual bags, which you can use in order or in your own order.


We’ve been using them in our own order as the older kids enjoy helping designing transitions from one topic to the next – such as our winter to winter animals to animal babies transition we’re currently in.  Baby animals and babies in general are a fun topic this year with the baby who joined our group.


We have NO more infant spaces available at Adventure Academy, but we do have some part time spaces for tots to pre teens available for child care and tutor time services.  If you know a child who’d like to come join in the fun feel free to email Christi@MiFamilies.com.


If you’d like to know more about other programs for youth or parents or providers check out our website at www.MiFamilies.com OR network with us and our members on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc … Mi Families is building online and in-person services across Michigan and we’d love for you to join in the family fun!


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