The beginning of the school year feels chaotic to many.  Many parents, students, and teachers feel overwhelmed with changes to their environments and schedules.  I try and keep our schedule flexible, but with similar routines year round to make seasonal transitions easier.  In the fall when I have new students, or new classes, I start by letting everyone know what to expect – what the routine will be during our time together.  We go over the rules so students know what is expected of them.  The rules are simple: be responsible and respectful.





Being responsible means learning to take care of oneself.  It means making sure you brush your teeth and do your homework, etc.  Being respectful means learning to care for other people.  It means being kind and helpful, helping others with chores and helping others learn… We talk about reasons we want to be respectful and responsible, and reasons we have rules. Rules help turn chaotic environments into calm areas. Rules help keep us safe.  Safety drills also help keep us safe.





During the first couple sessions we go over drills and safety plans for homes, schools, and out in the community.  We talk about how we learn to stay calm in drills, so if there is ever an emergency we can stay as safe as possible.  We want everyone safe and healthy, because everyone is special – important – valued…  Everyone is a part of our team – a hero team.  We start off the school year with an “all about me” theme talking about how everyone is a hero who can help others.





This last week we transitioned from the theme of ME to the theme of family.  We talked about how each family is a unique team.  We talked about team work and helping out our families.  I teach infants through adults so such lessons look differently depending on the class.  Preschoolers might talk about helping pick up toys, elementary students might draw a picture of why their family is special, teens might write ways their family can help the community, parents might learn new team building games to play at home with their kids…





Different stages learn differently.  Mi Families (“my families”) programs are stage before age based and include provider trainings, parent workshops, individualized tutoring services, and group class (such as Body and Brain builders (lg/sm motor development), Sensory Studies (art class), Journalism, Child Development… Parent and Me Playgroups, etc..).  To learn more about program options visit To enroll your child in tutor time email





All programs, especially tutoring services, include “education through recreation” activities through top rated curriculums, such as our early-education Mother Goose Time curriculum.  This month MGT has prepared a “Friends and Feelings” kit we’re transitioning to next week as we go from ourselves, to our families, to our friends, and learning more about our world. Our world studies will help us continue learning how to be responsible and respectful – to ourselves, other people, and the world around us.

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