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You Rule! Yes – you.  Everyone who reads this is post is awesome. Taking time to read makes you smarter, so your awesome and smart.  Reading articles about kids and families means you’re a caring person.  You’re an awesome, smart, and caring person. I might not know you, but I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful you’re taking a moment to read this.




I’m thankful for your support and hope you have supportive people in your life. During a recent youth survey many kiddos reported they felt no-one supported them.  They felt no-one appreciated them or complimented their efforts.  It’d be weird to walk around town telling everyone they are awesome, but I will try and make everyone in my programs feel valued.




This week we started our Back2School programs. I have a few tutoring spots left for fall students if you know anyone who’d love some ideas for “homework without tears.” I’m also scheduling other youth services, parent workshops and provider trainings… My husband and I also keep busy teaching through our public – school / home – school partnership.




There are amazing classes offered through the partnership.  Some of the classes my husband’s taught are photography and photoshop, filmmaking, drama, robotics, martial arts… I’ve taught cooking classes, parent and me preschool programs, child development, and elementary art classes.  This semester I’m also teaching a small/large motor skill class and sensory studies.




School settings, community environments, and home based programs all need to be structured differently.  The way a setting is organized sets up participants for success vs struggles.  This month I focus on spaces to be user-friendly with activities to promote self worth.  This month all my programs will have a “you are awesome” focus.  Our youngest participants will be using Mother Goose Time’s “Friends and Feelings” curriculum to build on their awesome social/emotional development.




As the month builds we’ll transition from learning about our selves – to our family and friends – and learn about responsibility and respect.  We’ll learn ways to feel confident in our responsibilities.  We’ll learn ways to be respectful towards others.  We’ll learn how rules keep us kind and safe …and how our senses keep us safe and healthy.  Feel free to check back to see what we’re up to and contact to join in the fun! Also visit for more information and find us on LinkedIN, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, ect…




SEPT18 CLICK for this months schedule !





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