Fall into Fall

The temps have finally fallen… so I just turned on the heat… now I’m sitting in my hoodie and fuzzy socks watching the rain fall and leaves fall off the trees.  I love that my desk is next to a big window – but admit some days it makes it hard to work.  When it’s sunny I just wanta get out and play with my kids! (Which is why I have neglected posting in article in so long!) We’ve had wonderful weather this fall – but now it looks as if it’s telling me to get back to work.  At least in the eyes of some people – play is not work, but it should be! After all – work is something you “must do” to earn its rewards … your job you earn money, house-work you earn less clutter – less germs – etc. Play you earn happiness and since your kids learn through play that’s their work – therefore I say you “must do” it.  You must schedule time to play. Schedule EVERYTHING and you’ll get more accomplished and feel less stressed. A “command center” helps with that:


Calendar, Schedule, Chore Chart, Reward Chart, Rules, “Brag Board” stuff = any homework or art work you wanta add, etc…

You’ve heard it in that Bible verse, or maybe that song, about there is a time for everything / a season for every activity.  It’s the season of fall and some feel that that means the season for “a time to die” – but I say it’s a time to get out there and live! Play! Discover! “There is a time to plant and a time to uproot.” It’s a time to uproot and discover the world in transition.  Animals are making most of their time preparing for the winter – they are not sleeping yet! They are in the time to gather… What are you gathering and uprooting? How are you preparing for winter (Let us know in the comment section below)? Many do a spring cleaning – but does your family do a fall cleaning? “There is a time to keep and time to throw away.” It’s important to prepare for winter, but it’s also important to live in the moment – experience the time and season.  This season will pass too quickly – as will your children’s youth.


a pumpkin patch or apple orchard can be a cheap adventure

Take time to play with them, explore with them, teach them.  If you are homeschooling, or not, you are a very important teacher in your child’s life.  If you are a care provider remember that care also means providing life skills and education.  Stop planning for tomorrow and preparing for the winter – embrace today’s curiosities and learn about the world around you.  It does not take long to play in the leaves.  If you are near an apple orchard or pumpkin patch those are perfect fall field trips.  Leaves… apples… pumpkins… there are many fall tools in easy access for all ages to learn through. Here’s a link to some great fall teaching tools.


grow a pumpkin…in a pumpkin! Open up the pumpkin, add a little soil and water, and watch the seeds (which are already inside the pumpkin) grow

One of the greatest and easiest fall teaching tools is within Halloween.  Now I know some readers don’t encourage this holiday at home, but no matter your thoughts on the events and activities you have to find the merit in the magic of make-believe during this time of year.  Make-believe and dress-up opportunities help children deal with emotions and fear.  It helps them discover and explore character roles, future careers and much more.  Dress up clothes, play foods, baby dolls, action-hero’s, matchbox cars, blocks… basic simple tools can be found around your home to encourage imagination and creativity.  The best tool is within a book.  Take time to read daily with your kids and ask them questions.  Look at the cover and title and ask “What do you think this story will be about?” Afterwards make a craft within the books theme – while talking to them about what they thought about the tale… was it fiction or non-fiction, how does it relate to their lives? Continue the stories into next month and discover the tales and traditions of Thanksgiving.  How does the world back then – relate to today? Read next month’s article for more Turkey time ideas (and if you haven’t already make sure you click “subscribe” up on the right).


get a small pumpkin, clean it out, soak it in water w/ a bit of bleach… dry upside down on paper towel. Wipe outside with a mix of 1/3 water, 1/3 vinegar, 1/3 lemon juice – then fill inside with decorative flowers or a candle (it should last for a couple weeks w/o molding!)!

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