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The official date of summer is getting closer, but it already feels like summer with schools ending for vacation and the sunny warm weather.  The kids at Adventure Academy have been outside lots this week enjoying the weather.  Many students are still interested in the bugs we were learning about last month so our transition to summer themes has been slow.  We have been finishing off our bug studies by learning about why bugs need water and what else needs water to live and grow.




From gardening to learning about sea-creatures – we have been exploring the importance of water and how to keep water clean.  We also tackled topics of ways to keep the rest of our world clean and safe.  Summer safety was a big topic this week from discussions of never swimming alone to wearing our sunscreen.  If your child attends Adventure Academy a summer safety note was sent home regarding such topics.  From sunscreen to bug spray and other summer concerns we try and keep everyone safe while they enjoy outdoor activities.




Adventure Academy kids enjoy outside time daily and you should too.  There are countless benefits to playing outside.  If you need ideas for outdoor play or safety resources let Christi know.  Christi Morgan is the director of Adventure Academy.  Adventure Academy is a youth program through Mi Families.  Mi Families facilitates programs for youth, their parents and providers across Michigan.  Mi Families is updating our program list so check often.




Mi Families reaches out with resources for families and those who work with families.  All programs are education through recreation focused – meaning we have fun learning! This summer we’ll keep students brains from melting by learning through hands on activities.  “Sun-Fun” activities and lesson plans are developed with access to top rated curriculums.  One of the curriculums that all ages enjoy is the theme based Mother Goose Time kit we get monthly.




Many of the pictures posted showcase Mother Goose Time activities, supplies and materials.  This month we are using MGT to review basic skills through summer themes such as “Alphabet Island.”  If you’d like to learn more about Mother Goose Time or other curriculums we use in our camp and Tutor Time services email  We are full for our summer program, but are already starting to plan for the next school year! If you’d like to enroll your child for our fall programs email Christi soon!





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