Every month kids explore a new theme at Adventure Academy.  Through top rated curriculums, such as Mother Goose Time, infants to pre teens work together to learn about the world around them. This spring they explored topics of growth and change together, which led to nature discoveries, from trees to flowers to bees and butterflies and bugs that came crawling out once our snow melted.




Our snow is gone and our land has warmed up for summer adventures.  As we move from spring to summer themes we transition slowly instead of just simply changing topics.  Just as a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly our lessons are morphing from “Bugs” to “Beach.” So this week as May turned to June we went from Bugs to beach creepy crawlies, such as crabs, then we learned about shells and beach critter habitats.




Beach critters helped us start thinking of planning beach field trips and other summer adventures.  Summer fun has to include summer safety lessons on wearing sunscreen and of course bug spray when you live in Michigan’s mosquito land.  Our “bug to beach” transition will continue through our “island adventures,” which include learning about Ellis Island before transitioning into our July summer themes… 4th of July topics, camping, stars, superheroes…




We have some fun themes to explore in our summer school programs.  All subjects are integrated through the fun themes making it the perfect way to keep kids learning all summer long.  We have a waiting list for camp and tutor time programs.  If you’d like to add your child to our waiting list or sign up now for fall programs email Christi@MiFamilies.com.  Feel free to email or visit www.MiFamilies.com to learn more about Adventure Academy or other programs facilitated by MiFamilies.




Also feel free to network with us on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube … We share fun videos including reviews on YouTube.  Here’s an unboxing of next months Mother Goose Time curriculum.  The pics above also showcase some Mother Goose Time supplies and other fun activities the kids at Adventure Academy are enjoying as we transition from Spring to Summer themes.

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