Going = Growing

12803233_10156646864395381_4463890382113899657_n“I’m getting so big” was the response almost every child had after checking their height and weight this week during our Going = Growing HEALTH WEEK. Using the Mother Goose Time curriculum for “Food and Fitness” we explored topics like health care, exercise and rest with our 2-12 year olds at Adventure Academy.





We discussed reasons for doctor and dentist check ups and played lots of pretend while exploring emergency care. We talked about ways to stay healthy and how to monitor our growth and development.  We talked about ways to get bigger and stronger during strength building exercises.  We worked on small and large motor skills through activities such as balance games.




We learned about the importance for rest and relaxation and enjoyed quiet times individually and with our friends. We learned that our friends don’t have to be the same as us, for often our best friends are those who are quite opposite than ourselves.




Adventure Academy assists in the physical growth of students, but also their social and emotional growth.  Focus on social and emotional development is the key to future academic and life success.  Although we use various curriculums and assessment tools to monitor ones development we focus on the individual child’s interests, talents and needs in our goal setting.





Each child, each family has their own set of goals by which they measure success.  One of the many advantages to our multi-age program is that younger students are encouraged by their older peers success but do not feel pressured to preform beyond their own abilities.




To learn more about our program or to sign up your child please email Christi@MiFamilies.com.  Adventure Academy has a couple part time spaces still available, including evening and weekend hours.  Adventure Academy is one of the many programs facilitated by Mi Families.  Visit www.MiFamilies.com for more information about our other programs.


Visit us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube… to network with us, other providers and parents.  Mi Families (“my families”) is reaching out with resources for families and those who work with families.  Our resourceful programs are based on an education through recreation approach.

Recreation is defined as an activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.  Although learning is “work” -our programs are developed with a philosophy that we learn best when we are enjoying the educational experience – meaning all our programs include hands on fun for all ages!


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