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Hello there … and thanks for taking a moment to read my babbling-blog (otherwise called one of my 2013 resolutions)! My name is Christi Morgan and I am the director of MiFamilies. Along with my double Bachelor’s Degree in both Early Education & Family Services (basically a mix of education meets psych &social wk) I have about two decades of experience in the field. Through a vast array of experiences as a caregiver, coach, teacher, counselor & program director – I’ve worked in facilities such as child care centers, schools, residential treatment programs and individual homes.

I’ve lived and worked around the Detroit metro area; the Upper Peninsula; Los Angeles, California and now the north-west area of the mitten.  Travels around the state (and across the states, and even across countries) have taught me a lot about what resources are available and what resources are needed in Michigan.  Because Michigan was connected by a bridge, not a maze to be lost and separated by, it gave me the thought that maybe if we worked as a bridge – connecting resources and networking together – maybe our communities could thrive again.  Michigan was once a SUPERIOR state that other states took notes from. However, we now find ourselves in a position where we need some change and often do not want to take notes from states that are stronger.  Mi Families believes that change means looking at all options and learning from others successes and failures.

The Mi Families business plan was not developed with Aristotle Onassis’ belief that “The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows,” but rather with the belief in sharing knowledge.  For if you do not light a second flame… sooner or later we will all be left in the dark…

As the mom to little boys (with their own set of challenges) and the wife to a husband (who travels often for work), sometimes life gets a bit chaotic around here and I’ve had to learn to ask for knowledge and help as needed.  I’m a stronger mom when I use ideas and tools that other parents share with me (or that I steal from Pinterest 😉 … My hope is that through Mi Families I can share such ideas and tools with other parents and providers.  Because this business is growing and new programs are being added I won’t bother you too often with a babbling-blog, but when I do I hope you find it informative and helpful. Please feel free to contact me with ideas on topics you’d like info on!


introducing me & mine … beginnings


– Christi

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