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Questions of “who-what-when-where-why & how” should be answer-able when starting a business for perspective clients and family members who wonder how you’re spending your time…  Even though Mi Families has been around – its growing position has made us step back to re-think some answers and develop more social venues for getting the answers out there.  SO – Mi Families is redeveloping its website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+ sites.

If you found us on one of those sources – great! Thanks for following us here! If you found us here – check out our other site locations.  Let us know what information you’d like us to make easily accessible on such sites.  What resources do you search for each day? …Because that’s what we are about… “reaching out with resources.”

Who are “we” you ask? Well, Mi Families is made up of parents and providers who share tips and tools through their experience and expertise.  I’m Christi Morgan (the director) and my background was shared in the 1st blog if you missed it …

This is a picture of MY family so I seem more ” relatable ” and less like a conversational computer.


On these conversational computer sites people have asked us the other important questions, such as – What is Mi Families? Well, Mi Families started off as a unique daycare option for families who needed 24/7 care and educational services.  Many of our families came with various needs and at-risk factors, turning Mi Families into a resource and advocacy program.  Mi Families was then contracted out to provide such programs to child cares, teachers, youth directors, etc…  This grew into trainings, workshops and large scaled family events.

Mi Families will continue to grow and build resources and services as needed, just as Christi Morgan and Mi Families participants are encouraged to never stop learning and stay involved in Great Start and other awareness programs. Staying involved and continuing to learn is how Mi Families plans to build bridges for stronger connections across Michigan. It’s in the belief that “it takes a village” that we put hope in Michigan’s future.  By sharing resources, tips, tools, ideas, successes, failures…

In brief – to answer the questions asked about Mi Families:

WHO = Mi Families & Christi Morgan

WHAT = Resources for parents and providers

WHEN = 24/7 Online and through scheduled appointments

WHERE = Across Michigan (and beyond – online)

WHY = Because Michigan needs more bridges built

HOW = By encouraging all team members and participants to share resources

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