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creating number recognition and adding games to expand on MGT materials

The laughing started when I announced that this weeks theme was “Backyard Safari.”  An observation that “it’s a blizzard outside” meant our backyard safari would be indoors.  Schools were closed due to the icy roads and blowing snow conditions, so some of our students couldn’t make it to child care or tutor time sessions.  Students in attendance discussed last weeks topic of the “grass is greener on the other side” and how it would take a lot of digging to see if the grass was green, brown or if it had vanished under our snowbanks.


small motor skills with scissors and stickers …


different stages = different results = process before product

The first daily topic included in this weeks Mother Goose Time curriculum was about grass, so we had to skip the grass investigation activity, but doing so led to great discussion of world wide weather and seasonal changes. Mother Goose Time provides individual day packs for each topic making lesson planning easy.  We utilize their topics in our overall theme and integrate other curriculums to simplify or extend subject matters for the different ages and learning stages of our 1-12 year old students.


different kinds of trees


water day lesson planning

One aspect I love about the MGT kit is that you can use the daily bags in whatever order you prefer – in fact, because the kits are not predated and the calendars are blank, you can use the materials any time, any month you’d like! We’ve enjoyed this current theme as it has made a cold month feel a bit warmer when your learning about sunny safari lands! Although we used most of this months theme as suggested, we did activities a bit out of order this week.  Instead of moving from grass to birds, we transitioned from grass to the bugs and other things on the ground, then discussed the things that grow up from the ground – like the trees.


sensory fun – after water we put outside and froze it then explored ice fishing


water life and water-hole math

What makes the grass and trees grow? Water. What else needs water to survive? What types of water ways are there? How is the water cycle affected in different lands that experience different weather patterns.  We transitioned through the daily themes as the children’s interests, questions and knowledge transitioned. From the beetles on the ground to the birds in the sky… from creatures that live in on land, in trees, in water …. we used all the materials MGT supplied and learned beyond the daily scopes by allowing students to lead discussions and investigate the world beyond our backyard.


beetles and bugs – science, language, literacy…


older students turned bug craft into an expression of what “bugs” me and how to handle the feelings

In our current yard there’s not much to investigate beyond snow! Noticing much of our wildlife is hibernating or has migrated to warmer places led to lessons on animal habitats and what animals would be the same and different from those we’d see across the globe. Lessons on how some of our local animals adapt to survive the winter led to an interest in what kinds of foods they store in their shelters, and meal plans for animals around the world. What about the different types of meal plans people make in other lands – or our neighbors who come from a different background and culture than us?


flamingos and other fun with birds and bird eggs from sea to sky


animal habitats around the world

The topic of food was a great way to discuss culture and appreciation for others and respect for all living things.  The topic of food for animals and people will transition nicely into next month theme so make sure you subscribe above to see what we’re learning about during our month on food and fitness. If you’d like your child to have a healthy adventure with us we have some part time spaces available at Adventure Academy.  Email to enroll your child or email to inquire about the other programs Mi Families facilitates!

Enjoy this clip from part of our Peace Day celebration when we learned about appreciation and respect for all and learned about Martin Luther King JR.

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