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Food & Fitness Teacher Bag from MGT


This months MGT manipulatives


MGT circle time supplies

Each new month means a new learning adventure at Adventure Academy.  As we transitioned out of our Safari adventure we discussed the different foods animals eat compared to human diets.  This week we studied the 5 food groups and encouraged My Plate meal plans.


day 1 bag for Food & Fitness


Using Grain sensory bin for math and more


playing in oatmeal


Each day we focused on one type of food, starting with grains. We couldn’t do the recommended corn name activity (bc of allergies), but enjoyed lots of fun with rice, noodles and oats in sensory bins and found ways to include all food groups between 2 slices of bread in a healthy sandwich.


sandwich stories


“my little journal”


observing holding writing tools, hand writing, following direction, attention time, and so much more

We’re growing beans without a garden and learning about the importance of fruits and veggies in our diet, at the same time as learning basic science, social studies, language and math skills.  From playing pretend with toys to baking in the kitchen we are gaining educational and life skills every day.


science center


“making a picnic”


farm math

Because we live in rural Michigan some of our students live on farms and already know a great deal about where our produce comes from and even how you milk a cow.  Big kids help little kids learn the lessons and create the crafts included in our Mother Goose Time “Food & Fitness” curriculum.


open ended fruit fun ideas


math manipulatives



Using a combination of MGT and other curriculums offers the opportunity for older and younger students to work together, but at their own pace.  While younger children practice counting fish on “protein” day, middle stages discuss what foods belong in the protein group and older kids learn how protein benefits their muscles.


big kids help little kids


going fishing for protein


my plate during free art

We’ll continue to strengthen our brains and bodies throughout this month and invite your child to join us.  Adventure Academy has a couple part time spaces available for tots to teens.  If you’d like to learn more about this program or other programs Mi Families facilitates email


day 5 mgt materials


food group game and story telling


day 5 circle time set up

If you’d like to network with other parents or providers find us on Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube…  We’re reaching out with resources for families and those who work with families.  One great resource for child cares, preschools and homeschool programs is Mother Goose Time:

*SORRY it’s kinda glitchy – my camera wasn’t available and apparently my phone isn’t quality but shows you what is included in this months kit!



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