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Mi Families (“my families”) facilitates programs for families and those who work with families. We offer provider trainings, host family events and develop activities for youth.  One of our youth programs is Adventure Academy.  Adventure Academy is a top-rated child care and tutoring center located in my Kingsley home.  This unique education through recreation program serves infants thru pre teens with a focus on each child’s individual strengths and goals.


Discovering magnets … and other STEM activities

Some students join us with many strengths and find a homeschooling route best fits their talent focused goals.  Some students join us after school or on weekends for assistance with challenging homework.  Some join in the fun preparing for kindergarten readiness.  Some children just come to play while mom and dad are working. While they visit they enjoy both the environment of home-life security as well as an enriching  classroom community.


keeping baby safe with her own manipulatives

Believing that a community is not all same age peers with the same skin tones, culture, or goals ~ Adventure Academy is a community for learners of various ages and stages.  Our themed learning units are designed for preschoolers to learn basic skills, while older students expand on the topics through research, and young children are introduced to new concepts. We currently have a dozen children attending (during different days/times), ranging from 8 months to 12 years of age.


scissor cutting observation w/ rainbow art

The youngest learner is my own baby.  My surprise bonus baby who we didn’t expect to join our family and never know what to expect from her now that she’s here! Like all kids she’s ahead in some ways and behind in others.  Once a baby starts to interact with our group they join in our activities, and are assessed as their own individual self and not compared to others.  Every child develops at their own speed and makes their own route through the developmental continuum.


big kids helping little kids learn new skills

Every child learns through their own unique intelligence styles.  Different learning styles include: verbal linguist (words), logical mathematical (numbers), visual spatial (pictures), bodily kinesthetic (physical), naturalistic learners, musical intelligences, and intra vs inter personal styles (self understanding vs social interactions).  To understand each child’s learning styles and temperament traits, I use observation to discover what motivates them to reach their individual goals.


seasons at the swamp books

With my own baby her goal is to explore.  Her current exploration technique is to put everything in her mouth.  Her curious taste buds and sensory seekers remind me to keep the area clean and safe for her to learn through this method.  As she grows her methods will change and so will my approach.  As she grows she is becoming more aware of what her peers are doing and is curious about the materials they are exploring so we adapt materials and supplies for her to participate as well.


MGT snail day activities

This month we have been learning about the changing of seasons from winter to spring and how the changes impact the pond across the road.  She has loved using her senses to explore items older students brought back from their pond adventure and has enjoyed looking at materials in our pond themed kit from Mother Goose Time.  Mother Goose Time is a preschool themed curriculum that adapts easily for diverse ages and stages. Next month we’ll continue spring themes while learning about birds, eggs & Easter.


SAVE old MGT packages for future use in different ways!

Mother Goose Time has prepared an “Experience Baby” kit to go along with each theme and her older friends and siblings are excited for her to join in our next learning adventure.  I’ll post updates in future articles about individual lesson planning in multi age classrooms. To learn how to adapt your program for multi ages or to enroll a child in this program please email Also feel free to email regarding other Mi Families programs or network with us on our social media sites.


excited baby opens her own MGT box.

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