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It’s spring break so Mi Families is having a quiet week.  Mi Families (“my families”) facilitates programs for families, and those who work with families.  One of our programs is Adventure Academy. This education through recreation adventure is for our youngest family members.  In a home-based-center infants through preschoolers are provided with developmental assistance and child care services.  Tutoring services are also available for preschoolers through elementary students.  Next week we start our spring semester!


spring fun

This week most of our families were enjoying a vacation and some new students visited our site to enroll for spring and summer sessions.  Our spring session is full and we have limited spaces remaining for our summer program. Email if you have a child who’d like to join in our learning adventures! Our learning adventures are top rated and highly recommended, because of the unique approach to care and education.


old and new “mayfly” day supplies

In understanding that each child is unique, each child receives individualized services.  Every child develops at their own rate and uses their own learning styles to conquer new skills.  Through observation I consider each students multiple intelligences, including the ways my own children learn best.  Where one of my children learn best through arts and music, another is a physical  learner who enjoys numbers before words.


MGT circle time prep

Both of my boys are more self-understanding before social-interactive learners, but I wonder how my little girl will interact and connect with others and knowledge.  At 8months old, she’s just starting to participate in our small group experiences.  She is very curious about what her older siblings and peers are doing each day and was excited about the contents in the Experience Baby package recently delivered by Mother Goose Time.


MGT book and matching puzzle

Mother Goose Time is a preschool curriculum that all our students enjoy.  The monthly themes can be simplified for baby’s to be introduced to new topics, preschoolers to use as directed and elementary students to expand their knowledge on.  If a topic is of special interest to a child I encourage him or her to find a focus point. For example, this past month we have been enjoying a unit on Ponds…


MGT supplies

We have been observing the pond across the road change from winter to spring and one student became interested in pond life waking/returning to the pond.  He chose to expanded his knowledge on the subject with further research.  Some of our students are gifted and easily motivated to go beyond the subject matter, some of our students have learning challenges and need extra encouragement to conquer new learning goals.


dragonfly craft – inspired by MGT kit

Tots to pre teens learn together in our one-room-classroom and encourage each other to conquer goals and try new things. Our multi-age program is inclusive for children of all needs and abilities.  Our “stage before age” focus makes it easy to adapt lessons for all and prepare activities that can include everyone.  Even a puzzle can be a group project.  Even opening the mail seems to be a group activity, where I can’t open the next Mother Goose Time box without kids wanting to help me!


babies love books

Next month we’ll continue learning about Spring with a focus on birds (and Easter).  Next month my baby will start joining in the activities along with some other new students.  Activities will continue being adapted for each child.  Each child has a binder that daily notes and projects are added to showcase their growth.  We’ll observe the growth of each child and the seasonal growth around us, while preparing for our summer program.


Prepping for next months activities * watch our video below (MGT Unboxing)

If you’d like information on our summer program or any other programs we offer check out  If you’d like to network with us find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest … If you’d like to receive future articles to see what we’re up to next please subscribe above.  If you have any comments feel free to leave them below or email me! I look forward to connecting with more families and growing our family team as we continue to grow programs and resources across Michigan!




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