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It’s Sunday night. Tomorrow our new semester starts.  Meant to post this before now, but I lost track of time preparing for the new semester.  Our new semester we’ll be same old programs presented in a new way! During our new semester providers and parents have asked for old programs to be brought back so visit: for provider programming,

and for parent information,

THEN visit regarding youth services.



Our provider trainings, parent workshops, family events, child care, tutoring … all have an education through recreation focus – meaning lessons are taught through fun / hands on activities.  If you would like to inquire about our all age programing email Today I (Christi Morgan) re-arranged classrooms and organized subject supplies…




Depending on the program we offer top rated curriculums, such as Mother Goose Time to enhance our theme based experiences.  Last month Mother Goose Time packaged up materials for a “Winter Wonderland” theme. One thing I like about MGT is that you can use their theme based kits any way / any time you want.  Over the next couple weeks we’ll be transitioning from Winter to the Ice Age to Dinosaur Days…




MGT provides materials for all core subjects targeted at a preschool development, but lessons can be simplified for tots or expanded on for even tweens. From art to writing, reading and math, science, social studies … students love learning through theme based experiences.  Since we’re in a winter wonderland here in Northern Michigan this theme has encouraged science and social studies of the weather around us and around the world.




This week we’ll be on a snow-vs-ice adventure. Adventures include an “Adventures in Art” class as well as a “messy art = smart” course Wednesdays, through our homeschool partnership.  At the partnership I’ll be teaching a babysitting / child development program and early ed / parent and me preschool as well.  At my home I’ll offer part-time child care and tutoring services.




Musical Mondays; Tuesday Tips for Happy Healthy Heroes; Art Themed Thursdays; Friday Field Trips & World Studies; Scientific Saturdays … even a Sunday School on Sundays.  Spaces / time slots are limited.  Feel free to contact about enrollment.  Feel free to find us on LinkedIn, FB, Pinterest, YouTube etc to network!





View my families and Mi Families (“my families”) LLC schedule here. THIS SCHEDULE HAS BEEN UPDATED SINCE PAST POSTINGS: WINTER SCHEDULE 2018 (1)

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