New Year, New schedule, Old curriculum

We’re about half way through the first month of the new year.  For many not much has changed. Most families still have the same schedule they had before 2018 started.  Most families still have the same routine of getting up, eating breakfast and leaving for their daily activities of work and school.  Most families …

WINTER SCHEDULE 2018 (here’s a glimpse at my schedule!)



Mi Families (“my families”) LLC understands that every family is different and has a life system that works for their needs.  Mi Families understands that sometimes those needs change schedules and plans.  We asked families, and those who work with families, what programs they’d like us to change and we planned accordingly!



Mi Families still offers programs for providers, parents and families – including part time child care and tutoring services to meet unique service needs. As the director of Mi Families – I’m always looking for more team members to provide requested services, especially since I also have to meet the requests / needs of my own family!



While providing various services, facilitating events and teaching classes I’m also busy scheduling in life for my husband and kids.  While homeschooling my kids we often have other children around for child care and tutoring, so I’m mastering multi-tasking and multi-age programming.




I can have a lot of infants through adults in one program and have only a couple kindergarten students in another class.  No matter the group, I rely on easy activity planning that includes entertaining hands on materials.  One curriculum I utilize is Mother Goose Time which provides theme based learning preschools.




Although MGT is a preschool curriculum the lessons can be adapted for various age groups as you simplify to teach tots basic concepts and encourage elementary students to expand on topics.  Another benefit of their monthly kit is that you don’t have to use the current month in your teaching.




Last month the MGT curriculum was winter based, but since we had a holiday focus and Christmas vacation we’re still finishing up the supplies and the students are still interested in the unit.  It’s been a weird weather week in Northern Michigan so we expanded on weather during science.



We also used science time to make snow-doh for sensory play and made more homemade playdoh in our “Kids Kitchen” cooking class.  We used cooking and calendars during math.  We enjoyed our journals and I can read books for Language arts … Mother Goose Time provides ideas for all subjects.



Using MGT and other curriculums we provide a wide range of learning opportunities for all ages / stages. As this month continues on we’ll continue learning about the weather and the world around us. We’ll transition from winter weather – to the ICE AGE – to discovering dinosaurs…



If you know a tot to tween who’d like to join in our learning adventures or if you’d like to inquire about our parent/provider programs please email Feel free to find us on LinkedIN, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc to network with our teammates and family members!




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