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Nurture vs Nature? How about focusing on nurturing through nature … and education through recreation?


Mi Families facilitates programs for families and those who work with families using an education through recreation approach.


Education through recreation means we have fun learning! Recreation is defined as “an activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.”


Learning new things often takes a lot of “work,” but this approach makes lessons enjoyable and are often enjoyed outdoors!


When the weather makes it hard to learn and play outdoors we have fun inside our various locations – in homes, centers, and other community spaces.


Indoors or outside – our programs have had a nature focus this week.  Our mini camp / daycare friends enjoyed Mother Goose Times nature curriculum.


Mother Goose Time is a prepackaged curriculum making lesson planning easy, as well as adaptable for multi ages/stages.


While tots learn new concepts, tweens dive deeper into the themes and expand on the lessons.


Nature lessons about the land, water and sky encouraged building on self help skills as my own son made a nature/dirt-cake.


I love watching little learners want to do the same activities as older students.  Whether it’s my own tot to tweens – or friends that visit – peer teaching is encouraged.


Our multi stage programming focuses on students learning in their own time and in their own ways.


Our home-based-center is designed for toddlers to teenagers, while our other locations are more age defined, yet still stage approached.


Whether working with babies, big kids, or parents … Our hands on learning approach makes activities adaptable for kids or families to learn together.


As we start to plan our learning activities for the fall semester – we hope you sign up for developmental services, elementary tutoring, or homeschool coop classes.


We’ll also be offering new family events, parent workshops and provider trainings.  However to make room for new programs we will NO longer offer childcare.


Sorry for any inconvenience this causes! If you still need part time babysitting please feel free to email


I have loved caring for children in our family home and invite everyone to continue visiting us through our other services.


Our youth and adult programs will fill up quick so please check for more enrollment information.


Our youngest participants will still utilize curriculums such as Mother Goose Time for theme based learning.


Many of the pictures posted showcase MGT materials for their current nature curriculum. We’ve enjoyed activities such as crafts and games all week long.


Last week we transitioned to animal activities learning about how creatures move differently and live in different habitats.


This week we expanded on animal habitats and looked closer at the ground during our own backyard adventures.


We explored the dirt and who lives under the ground, what grows in the dirt, how trees grow from a tiny seed…


From dirt to leaves we covered all subject matters of reading and writing, math, science, social studies and art.


We’ll continue offering theme based learning, covering all subject matters through our new programs.


Programming will be updated with our August calendar as soon as possible! July will finish off using our mini camps with current daycare kiddos!


We have a couple spots remaining for mini camps over the next couple weeks if you know a 2-12 year old that would like to join in the the fun!


In August we will have limited availability as we prepare for our fall classes.  Some of the homeschool coop courses are posted in the pictures below! (click image)


Myself (Christi Morgan) and my husband (Jeff Morgan) love teaching through Mi Families (& the TCAPS Homeschool Partnership).


Our Mi Families team of teachers and providers are growing! Mi Families has goals of reaching across Michigan!


Mi Families is reaching out with SUPERIOR resources for families – and those who work with families…


Check back on these articles and on LinkedIN, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc for updates and to network with Mi Families – family members!




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