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Screenshot_20180628-102015Click image above to view what Mi-Mini camps did the first half of the month – and what our plans are as we finish up July.

After Independence Day we continued to learn about our nation and enjoyed make believe travels to big cities and nature reserves across the country.


We continued talking about traveling and made mud transportation mud tracks as we learned to “look closer” at nature.


We talked about finding clues and details in dirt and other images – and enjoyed Mother Goose Time’s “Get Close to Nature” book.


We use Mother Goose Time’s curriculum to inspire theme driven learning for tots to teens in our program.


Our littlest learners love the exposure to new concepts, while older students dive deeper into unit studies.


MGT provides a pre-packaged ready to use curriculum. It can be easily adapted and modified as the open ended supplies can be used as desired!


In the workbook provided students found ways to transition from how transportation moves to observing how animals move.


Students learned about animal movements and tracked foot prints.  Students discussed ways to protect animals, plants and our natural resources.


We spend a lot of time outdoors during our mini-camps and the kids loved having their own books to work on outside.


Some students continued to tape found items and write notes for days.  They also loved sharing their findings with others.


I love watching the progress of student scribbles turning to writings and watching them take pride in their work.


Although students are learning all day long they don’t consider camp school as our days are packed with education through recreation…


Although there are lessons we don’t sit at desks listening to lectures.  We look through suggested activities and discuss ways to explore topics.


This months kit came with 2 “workbooks.”  “My Nature Collection” was a favorite for many who came to visit this week.


Our program is part time so materials such as these books are a great way to encourage kiddos to continue learning at home.


Some children come for a couple hours, some come a couple days a week.  All leave with activities to continue at home or keepsake projects they made.


Mi Families programs encourage learning through hands on fun so please send those who attend with extra clothes as they often get messy working on our projects.


From digging in the dirt to water play and paint, etc this program is designed to make friends while making a mess.


Research tells us that we learn more through doing then listening. Our strongest memories are linked to activities that build on our emotions.


I hope that the emotion felt during our activities is a happy feeling.  A feeling of joy, friendship, and a peaceful place to play.


Sometimes we must play and learn indoors because the heat is too much to bear or there’s a storm outside.


A group of boys loved playing hide-n-go-seek-tag in the rain the other day, and were bummed when thunder meant heading indoors.


Sometimes we have to change plans (and while I prep other options) big kids love to look through materials to teach little ones with.


MGT lesson plan books are available for big kids to find ideas and build confidence teaching our younger participants.


Each MGT box comes with 20 theme related day kits, an extra holiday/seasonal study pack and teacher tools such as lesson plans and music cd’s.


Teacher materials walk instructors through preschool assessments and how to know what skills are worked on during different activities.


Activities are broken into sub themes.  I find creating smooth transitions through themes makes lessons connect easier.


We transitioned from our summer travels to animal travels and as we move into deeper nature lessons – families can transition topics from camp to home.


If you’d like information how to extend the learning at home feel free to email me at Christi@MiFamilies.com.


If you’d like information on the curriculum mentioned (and photographed) contact www.MotherGooseTime.com.


Mother Goose Time is only one curriculum we use. Mi Families works with many ages/stages so we use many curriculums to individualize lessons.


Lessons are individualized based on struggles and strengths.  Strength and interest focused lessons are the key to learning.


If a student is interested in animals or art or building – or whatever – interests are used to excite them about learning!


As we hit the middle of our summer session we start preparing for fall programs.  This fall Mi Families is making some changes…


NO WORRIES – Mi Families will continue providing programs for families and those who work with families!

FB_IMG_1530208988103But camps and child care options will end in August so stay tuned for new program details (including a new tutoring program)                                                                                                          (CLICK developmental services )                                                                                                                 AND if you haven’t already – sign your children up for mini-camps before summers over!


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