Winter resources


Some differences are easy to spot – like black or white.


Black or white, zebra or giraffe … Some things are are easy to teach.


Some things in life aren’t easy, making the lessons hard.


Some hard lessons are very important, like learning how to ask for help when things get hard.


Sometimes we need to ask for help and find resources to learn new things or handle new situations.


Sometimes we need to find new resources and new things to do when we’re stressed or bored.


Many people were stressed and bored this week, because it was too cold to even go to school.


Schools, businesses, government buildings, … even the mail was stopped because of the winter weather!


Up in Northern Michigan we’re use to weather changing plans, so we’ve made lists of new ideas and resources.


Sometimes I need to send my students ideas and resources to keep them busy until we can meet up.


I facilitate large group programs, small group classes, and one-on-on tutoring sessions.


I also facilitate family events, parent workshops and provider resources.


This week many asked for resources to continue learning at home – until the weather warnings stopped.


This week many asked for information about programs starting next week…


You can learn more about our programs at


You can learn more about programs and network with our members/team on LinkedIN, Facebook, etc…


You can ask questions about our programs and curriculums by emailing


One of the curriculums we utilize with our littlest learners is Mother Goose Time.


Mother Goose Time delivers a package to your home or office each month filled with resources to keep busy!


As we finish up our Sunny Safari curriculum it’s time to prepare for our Health and Fitness activities.

Since we don’t live anywhere near a sunny safari it gets tough during the winter to keeps families active.


As February starts it’s my goal to share health and fitness resources with families.


Even if it’s cold outside we can move and grove indoors

or bundle up and play outdoors.


Learning to keep active and eat healthy foods will help keep Mi Families – families – healthy!


We can’t wait to get back to our regular schedule, but if your family caught germs over break (as I heard some have) PLEASE stay home until you’re ready to join in the activities! I’m happy to send resources and ideas to keep you busy until we can meet again! One resource is to look up and check out their Healthy kids kit for this month! We’ll be doing healthy and happy heart activities all month long! Feel free to check out next weeks article to see what we’re up to , or contact us to join in the fun!


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