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Snowdays and sickdays continue to make scheduling things like this blog tricky.  Last weekend I was planning to write up an article while on vacation with my family – but snowstorms complicated our vacation schedule.  Also, a sick kiddo made our vacation less enjoyable – but he says he was still happy we went up for his grandmothers birthday.




Last fall his grandmother had a stroke.  This birthday was quite an emotional one as we  were reminded of the fragility of life and counted our blessings for family memories.  I pray my children live long lives and make many wonderful memories.  We talked about making memories with family and friends, caring for our family and friends, and caring for ourselves.




We can care for ourselves by loving who we are and taking care of our bodies.  We can take care of our bodies by learning how to have happy and healthy hearts.  As Valentines day approaches my own kids and the kids I work with are all about heart-shapes right now, so it’s a great time to learn about the hearts that keep us alive.




It’s a great time to learn about how our hearts, brains, lungs, and bodies work and how to help them work a long time.  We talked about the importance of eating healthy and doing healthy activities.  Healthy activities mean getting outside and playing – even in the winter! Too often kids I work with tell me no one will take them outside to play.




Happy health heart lesson #1 – take your kids outside! It’s important for all ages to have fresh air and run around.  It’s important for your body and brain.  It’ll help you feel physically and mentally better.  I’m writing this as a winter storm is blowing in my yard and wish I could bundle up and sled and enjoy the weather some never experience.




This storm is not good weather to play in, especially while my son needs to rest up, but rest assured we’ll be outside again soon.  Until then we are going to plan adventures and pack for tomorrow’s adventure at our homeschool partnership.  My husband and I teach and our kids attend with over 200 other students each Wednesday.




Email Christi@MiFamilies.com for information about  THE partnership, or homeschooling, or information about Mi Families tutoring sessions, family events, parent workshops, or provider trainings! Visit www.MiFamilies.com to learn more about our programs and visit www.MotherGooseTime to learn more about a fun theme based curriculum for little learners!




This month MGT has packaged a Health and Fitness curriculum that I’m using in a Playschool and ART SMART class, as well as with individual tots to tweens I tutor.  As we transitioned from winter wonderland activities – we enjoyed learning about animals that live in winter wonderlands and animals that live on sunny safaris.

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As we learn more about health and fitness we’ll play lots of active games moving like animals and other things “that go.”  We’ll focus on moving indoors and outside.  We’ll focus on healthy lifestyles – including eating health foods.  We’ll talk about how healthy and safe lifestyles help prevent accidents and help keep us from getting sick.



Sometimes we can’t avoid getting sick or dealing with emergencies.  Life is fragile, but learning  how to have happy-healthy-hearts is a great lesson for all ages.  Many started this new year writing out resolutions to get healthy … For Valentines day give yourself and your family the gift of knowledge as you commit to learning more about health and fitness, and sticking to your goals.

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