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Sometimes it is during the hardest of holidays you are given the best of gifts. These gifts are rarely physical things wrapped up in a package, but sometimes they are. Sometimes it’s a treasure passed down generations, sometimes it’s an item you desperately needed … sometimes it’s someone helping you in a way which has no monetary value … sometimes it’s someone helping those you care about – in a way you are unable to.


teaching kids to have Thankful Hearts

As the director of Mi Families – a director who has spent years researching resources for families – it’s hard to admit that sometimes I’m the one who needs some resources.  If you’ve been keeping up with our blog you know that my husband lost his job a couple months back.  His job allowed me the flexibility to build up Mi Families while caring for our boys.  His job kept us afloat and provided us with insurance to meet our kid’s needs.  That stability was taken away when his job was taken without warning.  This is something that sadly happens to many, and sadly happens to many right before the holidays.  When people lose their stability they are panicking about paying the bills – and now how to provide Christmas gifts for their children.


writing Christmas wish list

Although things are tight – I’m thankful Mi Families keeps me busy as we continue building programs and networking with other organizations to expand services.  Since I’ve been busy providing home-visits, developing curriculums and offering trainings ~ my husband has started to use his time to homeschool our boys.  Because of their needs I was writing our own curriculum, but for ease of use we decided to go the pre-packaged direction for dad’s time teaching.  Here is a video of the supplies that came in for him through Little Lincoln (and Sutton’s Bay Virtual):

He is enjoying the activities with the boys and although the house is getting destroyed under the care of these 3-guys, they are eating and dressed (even if mis-matched 😉 ) and I am learning to pick my battles and be grateful for the fact that I married a man who is so involved in his kids lives.  He is doing a great job keeping up with their studies as he builds up his own business.  Although he misses the work he was doing and the stability of the job, he’s excited about future possibilities.  Although he misses the friends he made at his old job it has taught him who his real friends were and the ones who stuck by him are becoming more like our family as we transition our lives and they provide their support through prayers, helping fix our car …and offer to help make our children’s Christmas wishes to come true. It’s hard to accept help at times – but keeping the magic of Christmas alive is the best gift our family can receive this year – and we will pay it forward.


For 24 years I have donated a Christmas gift in the name of my nephew who never made it to his first Christmas.  Since then donations have grown as Mi Families contributed to organizations helping keep that Christmas magic alive for little ones, but until now I didn’t really consider how it keeps the magic alive for parents.  The magic restores faith in humanity.  Too often during hard times we notice all the little trials that come our way and ask “why me?” Today I focus on all the little blessings and ask “why me?” How do I deserve this and how do I give them the thanks they deserve when they ask for no recognition? I guess that’s when all I can do is pay it forward and believe there is a reason for everything and a time to believe in magic.  After all – that’s what the holiday season is for, right?


winter magic

If you or someone you know is in need of a little magic this holiday message me at for resources.

If you are looking for ideas on “cheap” crafts to create for gifts check out this link.

If you want some holiday activities, festive foods, decoration ideas… check out this link.

To all who read this rambling-babbling blog I thank you for supporting Mi Families programs and we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season.

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