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The Forth of July is filled with festive fun …friends and family and food and fireworks…  participants came back to our programs tired from late night adventures and filled with memories to share. Mi Families facilitates programs for providers, parents and children all summer long, but we close all services for Independence Day. This year we even closed on the fifth for our children’s programming, as in the past we found students need the day to recover after such a holiday.




ending island unit

Adventure Academy is our children’s program for tots to pre teens.  Discovery daycare and tutor time services are provided year round.  All services are taught through hands-on thematic studies.  This summer we are currently transitioning from a water world theme to a camping theme.  Each month we dive into a specific unit, which we slowly transition in and out of through student led interests.  Water world transitioned to islands, which transitioned to volcanos, which nicely transitioned into fire…




fireworks painting

Today we discussed fire and fire safety, as well as fireworks and firework safety.  Tomorrow we’ll transition to campfires and camp safety.  Safety around the fire pit, cooking safety, animal and plant safety, camping gear … the month will easily transition itself throughout camping topics.  Children will enjoy camping activities all month long! Songs and stories around the fire, camping crafts and games, hiking to find animal tracks and observe birds … and throughout our fun activities students will be learning across all subject matters.




festive foods

Although our summer program is designed as a day-camp, it’s also a “summer school.”  Adventure Academy integrates all subjects through our unit studies.  While our early learners are introduced to basic skills our elementary students are practicing their reading, writing, mathematics, etc through engaging activities.  While little ones were introduced to the colors on our flag our older students were learning about the history and design of our flag – and making up patriotic songs to sing while they designed their own flags.




camping transition

We’ll continue learning about flags and claiming land as we move from learning about early American immigration – to settling colonies – to traveling west and living as a pioneer.  We’ll explore American history this summer and discover how America became industrialized and the types occupations that were developed to help our country thrive.  We’ll dig as a miner, learn about early heroes of war and medicine.  We’ll learn about how teachers are hero’s helping us find our strengths to share as we end our summer session around Labor Day.




come play with us!

After Labor Day we’ll be starting our next school year programing.  Some exciting programs are being added for children, parents and providers.  Programs will be posted soon on our website.  Feel free to email with any questions. Feel free to network with our team and family members on our social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube…).  Feel free to visit www.MotherGooseTime for more information about our themes and how you can use the same ones at home or in your program!

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