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Summer is flying by in our discovery daycamp.  Although our days are filled with camp adventures, they are also filled with summer school lessons.  Summer school should not be a time a child is expected to sit at a desk and listen to lectures.  Sitting and looking outside wishing one was having fun in the sun makes it very hard to concentrate so we often bring our lessons outside and do hands on projects and activities, while discussing educational themes.





This summer our themes started with water world activities that transitioned into a camping theme.  This week we’ve been discussing how “Nature Rocks” and the kids have been so into the topics that we often cover more than one topic a day as they jump from one topic to the next.  However, other times they are so into the topics that one topic lasts a couple days.  Unit studies are student directed year round in our programs.  Topics transition from one concept to the next led by student interest.




Student interest is determined through observation and discussion with the students rather then simply following a curriculum framework.  We utilize many different curriculums within our programs, but one of our favorites is Mother Goose Time because of it’s adaptable style.  Mother Goose Time provides an easy to follow teacher guide and daily bags to simplify lesson planning if that works best for your program, or you can utilize the materials how you wish within a classroom or home setting.





Our children’s program is a classroom in a home setting meeting the needs of children at different ages and stages, but all seem to love the preschool intended activities.  Our children’s program provides preschool services as well as developmental screenings, elementary level tutoring and more.  We have programs for all ages and stages, for children, their parents and providers.  More about our programs can be found on our  Mi Families (“my families”) LLC website.





Mi Families is growing our family tree with more team members, participants and programs.  Our fall 2017 programs will be posted shortly.  Feel free to email with any questions or network with us on our multi-media sites. Follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Linked-In … Let us know what other social-sites you use and what information you’d like us to write articles about! Next weeks article we’ll share more about are current camp and future fall programs!



19989792_10159082627535381_1401267011428989290_n* Many of the pics featured display Mother Goose Time materials.  Visit for more information about their projects!


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